GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Replicating ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment on AWS, Questions from the COVID-19 Community, and 3 Product and Service Updates

Blog Post created by lfountain-esristaff Employee on Mar 31, 2020

Featured Community Content: Configure a Replicated ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment in AWS using the WebGIS DR Tool

ArcGIS Enterprise deployment with AWS

Taylor Teske wrote a blog about how to replicate a primary ArcGIS Enterprise deployment in Amazon Web Service (AWS) with the WebGIS Disaster Response Utility (WebGIS DR Utility). Check out what to read and do before you launch this process, an overview of the steps involved, and see a link for how to prevent data loss and downtime with ArcGIS Enterprise in the blog. Read: Configure a Replicated ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment in AWS using the WebGIS DR Tool.




Updates to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) GIS Community:

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) place has a What's New? document that will provide insights on the latest developments from the Esri Disaster Response Program posted in the COVID-19 GIS Community. The most recent updates in the document include new situation awareness tools for Law Enforcement, updates on feature services and data sources, and an ArcGIS Dashboards example from Walmart on business operations and available services.  Follow: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)


3 Open Questions & Discussions

Zachary Robinson wants to use field calculations to compare a user's employee ID to their birthday for a health screening survey to show relevant questions in Survey123 for ArcGIS.

Michael Dupras is using Google Sheets for data pulled into ArcGIS Online as a published CSV file/layer so that his team can add new cases to the Google Sheet. He wants to know how to automate the update of a choropleth map with Google Sheets, without manually updating the shapefile layer.

Bret Schoening wants to create a data table in ArcMap that he can use for a time slider and wants to know the best way to set it up. 


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community.


3 Product & Service Updates

ArcGIS Explorer Beta 3 for Microsoft Windows is available with newly supported features.

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise Map Viewer Beta released new enhancements including time animation, filtering, and more.

Esri Training has an update on instructor-led classes and Esri Technical Certification Testing.

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