GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Making Time Aware Popups with Arcade, GeoNet Lounge, and 4 Product and Service Updates

Blog Post created by lfountain-esristaff Employee on Feb 18, 2020

Featured Content: Make time-aware popups with Arcade

Time aware popup in ArcGIS OnlineGee Fernando created a guide on how to use Arcade to customize popups in ArcGIS Online.  Learn how to display relevant time data that is useful for displaying store and restaurant hours, business hours, and more. Check out the challenge at the end of the blog and let Gee know how you would solve it. Go to: Make time-aware popups with Arcade




See the FedGIS Conference place for highlights from last week’s conference. Read More.

Featured Place of the Week: GeoNet Lounge

GeoNet LoungeThe GeoNet Lounge is a new place in the community for you to network and connect on general or non-technical topics and learn about other members in the community through stories, monthly highlights, and more.  This will also be the hosting place for our Platform Updates for GeoNet, The Esri Community coming later this year. Check out our special announcement and Follow: GeoNet Lounge


3 Open Questions & Discussions

Garrett Smith is looking for suggestions on how to use gradients for graduated symbols.

Jason Cyphers is looking for a list of JSON codes or scripts with definitions. What would you recommend?

Bret Rowlinson is looking for data governance examples or resources. Can you some resources or examples?


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community.


4 Product and Service Updates

Esri Software Security & Privacy has information regarding LDAP signing requirements with Microsoft and ArcGIS Enterprise

The Image Analyst extension has an update including deep learning capabilities, imagery, geoprocessing, and more.

Public Safety reviews new capabilities released with ArcGIS Pro 2.5 for crime analysis, address data management, and more.

ArcGIS Survey123 has a new patch applied based on reports from GeoNet Members in the Community


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