GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: 2019 GeoNet Contest Winners, Esri Worldwide Communities, and 5 Product and Service Updates

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GeoNet logoBeing helpful, human, and smart as a GeoNet community member can be rewarding. Once you become a member of GeoNet, you are automatically a part of our GeoNet Contest that rewards GeoNet members who support and engage other community members with their questions, discussions, and topics. In this blog from GeoNet Community Manager Michelle Mathias, see who won in the three contest levels for 2019. If you recognize anyone that helped you, tell them thanks in the comments! Read: Congratulations to our 2019 GeoNet Contest Winners. 




GlobeFind an Esri community around the world with our new Esri Worldwide Communities page, which is now accessible from the Communities tab in the main community navigation bar. More than 13 international communities are active in the community, including Belize, Costa Rica, Colombia, NicaraguaJapan, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Portugal. Go to: Esri Worldwide Communities landing page. 


 Access Esri Worldwide Communities from the community navigation bar, pictured below:



Open Questions & Discussions

Srinivas Jasti is asking for best practices or tips on migrating from on-premises MS SQL Server to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL in ArcGIS Enterprise 

Helena Breuer wants to determine the sequential order of features along a polyline or route with ArcGIS Pro. Can you help?  

Jacob Jeff B wants to know the best way to approach implementing a specific excel-function in ModelBuilder. 


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community. 


5 Product & Service Updates

My Esri latest release has updates for managing users, authorizing caller entitlements, and fixed issues for licensing 

Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) update announced 

ArcGIS Maps for Adobe® Creative Cloud® Patch v1.5.1 fixes an issue with ArcGIS Online enterprise logins 

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition 2.15 is now available 

ArcGIS Data Reviewer released patch 10.7.1 for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server. 



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