GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Real-Time AVL Feeds with ArcGIS, New to GIS as Place of the Week, a Community Blog Idea, and 1 Product and Service Update

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Learn how to use an automatic vehicle location (AVL) feed with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in this blog and video posted by Jayson Hagen. This capability can help public transit systems to optimize their operationsThe blog also provides some insight into what will be offered next to support real-time data analysis.  Read: Real-Time AVL Feeds with ArcGIS 





New to GIS PlaceIf you’re just starting to learn GIS and location technology, we have a place for you in the GeoNet Community. New to GIS is a place made for users who feel unsure about how to perform analysis, understand the basics, or simply need a little guidance in grasping key concepts with GIS.  Start here if you feel like you could use some help with learning GIS. Go to: New to GIS 


Open Questions & Discussions

Kirby Kalbaugh is looking for help in Python with a transaction mode error in ArcGIS ProCan you help?

Frances Tong needs help adding .asc raster files to a map.  Have you worked with this file type?

Jot Hall wants to know what “SingleKey” refers to when building an address locator. Can you explain it?


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community. 


1 Product and Service Update

ArcGIS Online Security Advisor released version 2.0.4.


Community Tip:  Blog Idea - Share What You’ve Learned 

Not only is it the end of the year, but it’s also the end of the decade! What were your biggest lessons? Celebrate your progress and reflect on your knowledge in the community by writing a blog about it. It can be instructional, such as key lessons learned on how you transitioned from using one programming language to another, or maybe you have a great story on how your career advanced and you want to share tips for others. If you need guidance on how to structure your content, see Best Practices for Writing Content in the GeoNet Resource Hub.   


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