GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Automating ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment with Chef, GeoNet Contest as Place of the Week, Moving Your Posts to Other Places in GeoNet, and 4 Product and Service Updates

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Learn how to create a test space for automating your deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise in this blog from Trevor Nickolai. With Chef, an automation software, you can create a Chef Test Kitchen to test deployment with minimal use of your organization’s resources. Read: Chef Test Kitchen for ArcGIS Enterprise.





GeoNet ContestDid you know? The first day of your active membership in GeoNet also means you become a part of a year-long contest in the community. You automatically earn points based on your activity in the community including posting questions, answering questions, writing blogs, engaging with other members, or contributing to other posted content. To see your current ranking in the community, and to learn more about the contest, visit GeoNet Contest for more information. Contest winners for the year are announced at the User Conference Closing Session. Will you be a lucky winner next year? 

Go to: GeoNet Contest

Kory Kramer created a discussion in ArcGIS Pro: Tips and Tricks - I share mine, you share yours.  Add your tips! 



3 Open Questions & Discussions

Zachary Hart started a discussion about Python API vs. Python-based geoprocessing tools for analysis. What are the advantages of one over the other?

Rafael Michael is asking how to calculate the surface area within an observer’s visibility range with ArcMap. Can you help?

Sunil Raju Vysyaraju wants to know which product to use to manage a person’s current address and their previous addresses. What product would you suggest?


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community.


4 Product and Service Updates:

ArcGIS QuickCapture 1.3 is released. See what’s new.

Spatial Analyst Distance Toolset in Pro 2.5 improvements was announced for ArcGIS Pro 2.5.

My Esri now lets you see what downloads are applicable for your license file.

Learn ArcGIS has lessons for migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, mapping earthquakes, and more.


Community Tip:  Moving Your Content to a Different Place

Do you think your question or discussion is in the wrong place? If you get a message or comment suggesting you should move your content to another place for better engagement, select “Actions” from the top right of your post and select “Move” in the drop-down menu. Enter a suggested place for your content that is relevant to your content.  For more information, see how you can do that in this document: Moving Content.


If you posted in the right place, but you think you should place it in another place or group, you can do both! Simply select “Share” at the top right corner of your post and enter the other locations you would like your post to appear.


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