GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Using Microsoft Flow for Your Survey123 Surveys, Esri Training as Place of the Week, Listing and Endorsing Skills in GeoNet Profiles, and 4 Product and Service Updates

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Survey123 logo over a Microsoft Flow dialogue boxGeoNet Member Zoltan Kovacs created a three-part series on using Microsoft Flow to automate a workflow process with Survey123. Webhooks implemented upon a successful survey completion can trigger additional steps such as sending a notification e-mail, converting time zone data, and more. Start with Part 1 to learn how to automate your survey workflow and save some time. Read: Creating MS Flow webhooks for Survey123 surveys (in ArcGIS Online).




Highlight: See inspiring stories from GIS Day from all around the world in a blog by Joseph Kerski


Esri TrainingAs you reflect on your GIS goals for next year, have you thought about the training you might need to help you reach those goals? Follow Esri Training for updates on webinars, lesson availability, resources, and tips for optimizing your learning experience or learning opportunities for your organization.  Go to: Esri Training



3 Open Questions & Discussions

Persefoni Kapotas wants to show one to many relationships between buildings and parcels in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. What’s the best way to do this?


Cameron Van Hemmen wants to detect changes of feature classes in data driven pages based on a modified/created date field. Do you have a solution for this?


Vincent Launstorfer wants to customize the default pie-chart symbology into a doughnut and add additional details in the ArcGIS Online pop-up. Have you built customized symbology before?


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community.


4 Product and Service Updates

ArcGIS Online invites you to join the Early Adopter Community in time to see the Winter 2019 beta release. 

Esri Training announced a new web course to prepare you for Esri Technical Certification.

Explorer for ArcGIS: See highlights of the new release for Windows 10.

Survey123 for ArcGIS announced the Walt Disney Release 3.7. See what’s inside.


Community Tip:  List Your Skills & Endorse Other Member Skills

Did you add your skills to your GeoNet profile? If you’re a pro at Python, an avid ArcMap user, or specialize in data analytics, list it in your GeoNet profile so people can get a glimpse of your expertise and experience.  Additionally, you can endorse others for their skills if you feel confident about the demonstration of their skill set. If someone provided some detailed insights to your question or problem, acknowledge them with an endorsement on their GeoNet profile page. Here’s how to add your skills to your profile and endorse others.


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