GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: How the City of Philadelphia Used ArcGIS, 3D Symbology to Analyze Food Access, Defense and Intelligence as Place of the Week, and 3 Product and Service Updates

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City of Philadelphia ArcGIS Pro Map and 3D Rendering with Magnifying GlassRachel Weeden shared how Amory Hillengas, a GIS Analyst for the City of Philadelphia, used ArcGIS Pro, Network Analyst, ArcGIS StoryMaps, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS to analyze local food access. One of the standout features of this use case is the application of 3D rendering of the neighborhood food retail landscape in the city. Learn more about the work behind this project and the decision-making to build this analysis with GIS. Read:  Philadelphia Department of Public Health Analyzes Food Access with ArcGIS.




Highlight: Have you seen the See What Others Can’t Campaign? Let us know your thoughts.


Defense and Intelligence PlaceIf you are a part of the Defense and Intelligence industry, ask questions, or provide your latest insights on working with Esri products through blogs, discussions, or by answering questions to share your expertise of ArcGIS. In this place, you can reach professionals in Cyber Defensive Operations, National Security, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), and other related focuses.


3 Open Questions & Discussions

Bartłomiej Dolecki is asking how to fix inverted walls on the 3D models that were imported from a GBD file in CityEngine.

Li DongYang is trying to use ArcGIS Pro to model a scene. Can you help with this?

Garrick Garcia wants to know if he can use a geoprocessing tool in ArcMap to show color-coded traffic volume.


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3 Product and Service Updates:

For Educators, learn how to manage your updated Institution Agreement.

See how ArcGIS Hub is working to make downloads more resilient and reliable.

ArcGIS Pro and Python: Review this mini-guide for installing Spyder IDE.


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