GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Survey123 and UAS Flights, ArcGIS QuickCapture Halloween Project, How to Share Your Story in GeoNet, and 4 Product and Service Updates

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Image of Survey123 and UASJosh Shelton, a GIS Manager from Pend Oreille County, Washington, shared a blog on how he used Survey123 for ArcGIS to perform an unmanned aerial aircraft (UAS) checklist and track UAS projects with County Surveyor Eric Roth. The blog includes lessons learned, the details of the survey design, and how they were able to validate benefits from using survey123 to save time and achieve their goals.

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Do you have a story? Share your story about using products that helped your workflow or added value to your projects to inspire other users. See this week’s community tip below.  



Highlight: See What Others Can’t Campaign Launch: Learn about the campaign to bring awareness to your work in location technology and download free images for social media and more. See post. 

ArcGIS QuickCapture Place

ArcGIS QuickCapture has new content for you to check out from how to utilize ArcGISQuickCapture to create assignments in Workforce to understanding user inputs and exclusivity groups. Check out what’s new in the recently released 1.2 version. If you have plans for Halloween activities in your neighborhood this week, take a look at Ismael Chivite's blog on a fun Halloween 2019 trial project


Open Questions & Discussions

Hans Frederiksen is asking if there is a Workaround for Cloning Content with >1,000 Records from AGOL to Portal Using the"Clone_Items" API Module?
Shay Lavi wants to know: What's your preferred approach to debugging an app/widget? 

Khan Bahadur is looking for an opinion on if ArcGIS Web AppBuilder is the right choice for working with multiple users and use cases for this project.


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community.


4 Product and Service Updates:

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World has a Learn ArcGIS learning path for incorporating Living Atlas content in your workflow.

The deadline to enter the ArcGIS StoryMaps StoryMapper of the Year Contest extended to December 15th, 2019.

My Esri has a new 5.3 release with new additions and fixes.

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS has a change coming in December 2019 to dashboard views if you’re an ArcGIS Online user. 


Community Tip: How To Share Your Story in GeoNet

Share a story of an experience that saved you time or made an impact in the Esri Community to inspire and inform other members. Craft your story outline by 1) Identifying the problem you were trying to solve, 2) what resources and products you used, and 3) explaining the impact of implementing your approach. Take a look at a few resources from the GeoNet Resource Hub to help you publish your story from the “Creating Content” section, including Best Practices for Writing Content and How to Create a  Blog.



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