GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Water Utilities, GeoNet Member Ideas in ArcGIS Products, Tips on Submitting Your Ideas, and 9 Product and Service Updates

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Peter Klingman wrote a blog highlighting several ideas submitted through ArcGIS Ideas from GeoNet Members that were implemented in the latest ArcGIS Online and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS release this month. See how GeoNet Community members Burke Thompson, Tim Confare, Andrew Murphy, kanin s, Adam Breznicky, James Daniels, Derek Phyn, and series of Esri Staff and member exchanges shaped product innovation, experiences, and enhancements Read: Your Ideas in ArcGIS Online (October 2019).


For previous idea implementations from the Community, see this blog from Thomas Edghill in June 2019. 


Water Utilities Place

Water Utilities professionals can post industry-specific questions, discussions, or other content in a general Water management, Wastewater, or Stormwater category to connect with other professionals. See upcoming events planned across the U.S., including the Esri Water Summit: October 29-30, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, and several regional events scheduled through November 2019. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to have a Data Health Check at the Esri Gulf Coast UC.


Open Questions & Discussions 

Fawaz Amjad is looking for advice on finding a GIS Internship or entry-level position in the Northern Virginia or DC Metro Area. What advice do you have?  

Johanness Jamaludin is looking for guidance on Optimized Hotspot Analysis. 

Matthew Callahan is asking for guidance from Angular developers on how to unit test classes that implement the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Do you have experience in other areas? See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community. 

Product and Service Updates

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS has updates on a few widgets in this month’s release.

ArcGIS QuickCapture 1.2 has new features and a fix for a known issue with the photo icons.

Explorer for ArcGIS Beta 4 (Windows) has a few updates in their last beta release.

A new ArcGIS Conservation Easement Monitoring Solution is available for State and Local - Environment and Natural Resources. Learn more about using this solution.

ArcGIS Companion 2.release includes new experience enhancements and a few bug fixes.

Symbol files for debugging ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET are now available. See workflow examples for implementation.

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13 and 3.30 is released. Javascript 4.13 comes with several updates and bugs fixes. 

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS has a toolkit available with the latest release. 

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt Embedded Linux Beta 2 is released. Give the team feedback about the devices you’re looking to work with and the solutions you’re building.  


Community Tip: 5 Tips for Submitting or Commenting on An Idea

One of the popular features of The Esri Community is the ArcGIS Ideas place. ArcGIS Ideas is where you have an opportunity to suggest enhancements or innovations for Esri products. Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting an idea: 

  1. Be Detailed: Explain your workflow, process, and the products you’re using.  If you can record or document the steps you’ve taken that led you to the idea and the outcome you’re seeking, it can help people understand your idea more clearly.

  2. Use Visuals: Add an image, .gif, or video demonstrating where you think the improvement could be made: A picture is worth a thousand words!

  3. Give Context: Identify what industry you work in and what sparked this idea in your workflow or process to execute a task.  

  4. Add Impact:  If your idea were to be implemented, how impactful would it be? Would you save money, time, or other resources by having your idea implemented? Add a little impact statement to your idea.

  5. Apply A Category: Add a Category so that the right team sees your idea. An idea with no Category can get missed when teams review ideas, and an idea given too many categories becomes less focused and effective.


Comments are helpful additions to Ideas. If someone posted your idea already, be sure to comment with the same tips in mind after you vote on the idea.  For more information on Submitting Ideas, see the “Using Ideas” section from our GeoNet Resource Hub



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