GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: AEC, SVG files in Survey123, Using Tags in GeoNet, and 4 Product and Service Updates

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Survey123 image-map example


Survey123 for ArcGIS now allows for the use of SVG files in the field app to create options for selections. Check out Brett Stokes' article on how to implement this new feature on your next survey, including how to use an SVG from the web, convert a raster image into an SVG, and create an SVG from scratch. 


Read: Using the image-map appearance in Survey123.  




Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) PlaceArchitecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC): If you’re headed to the AEC Summit later this month (October 25-27th, 2019), follow AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) in GeoNet to start a new discussion or continue discussions you may pick up from the Summit. See if you can help Ewelina Kaminski by sharing your experience using geographic coordinate systems with Utility Network and ArcGIS Pro. 



Open Questions 

Shannon Groff is asking the community for their experience with setting up GIS Team collaborative software.  

Terri Waddell is asking how you keep track of data and item dependencies in your database? 
Sarah Fischer wants to know how to select grid cells on two-point layers that are divided by polygons to compare the data for analysis?  

Do you have experience in other areas? See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community. 



4 Product and Service Update Announcements: 

Survey123 for ArcGIS Version 3.6 is now available with critical fixes, the ability to work with lines and polygons, a single choice grid in the field app, and more.  

ArcGIS Pro 2.4 Patch 2 is available 

Spilhaus Map of the Oceans will be supported in the next ArcGIS Pro release 

My Esri has updates for licensing and more. 



Community Tip: Using #Tags 

When asking a question or talking about your work in the community, don’t forget to reference what product(s) you’re using. The best way to include your product references is by tagging the product in your blog, discussion, or question within the body of your text. You can also categorize your post with tags. By doing so, you’re helping other members find your content that is related to a product or subject they want to focus on.  Learn how to tag your content. 


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