Update to the Introduce Yourself Thread

Blog Post created by MMathias-esristaff Employee on Sep 6, 2019

Many of you might be aware of or have participated in our Introduce Yourself! thread over the past year. This thread has been very popular, and with over 300 replies, we have outgrown the current thread structure.


We have evolved the member welcome experience by creating a new space (GeoNet Member Introductions) dedicated to member introductions and welcomes. In the New space, each new introduction will be its own thread, allowing for better search-ability, and allowing more collaboration among members. We also included in the space additional resources to help new members get started on their community journey. Lastly, we moved the old thread into this space for historical view. 


If you are new to GeoNet, we encourage you to post in this space. Our team will be moderating the space and responding to each thread with helpful information. If you are a seasoned member we encourage you to welcome new members as they post in this space. 


Looking forward to collaborating with you!