Planned GeoNet Account Update: Deactivating Inactive GeoNet Accounts on January 18, 2019

Blog Post created by MMathias-esristaff Employee on Dec 18, 2018

On January 18, 2019, the GeoNet Community team will begin the process of deactivating GeoNet member accounts that have been inactive for the last 3 previous years (2014-2017). This will allow us to manage the community more effectively and ensure our active member data reflects those who regularly engage and are active in the community. Going forward, this feature will be a permanent addition to our community management and we will continuously deactivate accounts as the 3-year anniversary of last logged in date is reached on any registered account.


What changes will I see in my experience?


If you have an active GeoNet account (logged in at least once over the last 3 years), there will be no noticeable changes to your experience. No action is needed since you’re an active member.


For member accounts that are inactive for more than 3 years, those accounts will be deactivated on January 18 and those members will not be able to access their account after that date.

  • Those accounts will be deactivated but not deleted and all content associated with those deactivated accounts will remain.
  • No content will be deleted during this account deactivation process.
  • Esri accounts will not be impacted. This deactivation will only impact GeoNet account access.


What should I do if I don’t want my inactive account deactivated?


If you think you might have an inactive account for more than 3 years and you would like your account to remain active, there are options.

  • If you can login to your previously inactive account before January 18, we recommend doing this because it will update your last account login date to a more recent date.
  • If you cannot access your inactive account and need help with your credentials, please contact the team at who can help locate your details.


What should I do if my inactive account was deactivated and I want it reactivated after January 18?


We can help you reactivate it. Contact the GeoNet team at


What should I do if I am Esri staff or a distributor?


We have shared steps for Esri staff and distributors on internal channels. Contact the GeoNet team at



Thanks, as always, for your patience and support while we continue to make improvements to GeoNet, The Esri Community.