GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: St. Kilda Penguin Release (3.1), AppStudio workshop, adding images to content, Esri Technical Support, and a featured discussion on time management.

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GeoNet Staff Picks of the Week

St. Kilda Penguin Release (3.1) in ArcGIS Survey123St. Kilda Penguins

Ismael Chivite posts a great blog about the St. Kilda Penguin Release (3.1) including custom themes and user input validation rules in multiple choice questions in Web Designer, character counter in text questions for the Web and Field app, and dynamic question labels.


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AppStudio for ArcGIS Workshop (November 28-29, 2018) 

Tina Jin announces a hands-on 2-day workshop hosted by the ArcGIS team on Nov. 28-29, 2018. The workshop provides the knowledge and skills to quickly start building cross-platform native apps with AppStudio.


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How-to Tip of the Week

Adding an Image to a Blog, Discussion, or Other Content

Blogs, discussions, and really any content you post in GeoNet is likely to grab more attention with great images that capture the eye, tell a story, and demonstrate a step or action. An image can also break up content and help impart your message to your readers. In Adding an Image to a Blog, Discussion, or Other Content, learn how to upload your image, resize, align, and place your images within your next content post.


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Featured Place of the Week

Esri Technical Support

The Esri Technical Support group in GeoNet is a place where you can learn more about Esri products, solutions to questions, discuss and ask questions about Esri Technical Support. If you have a technical question about a specific product, please do not post it in this Technical Support space. Instead, visit the Product Communities space and post it the correct product space. Visit the Esri Technical Support group on GeoNet to learn more.


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In addition to GeoNet, you can also find the link to the Esri Support Site where you can contact the Support Team for assistance. 


Featured Discussion of the Week

How to Gain Control of Your Free Time in Women's Geospatial Forum

A recent WeCan community meeting focused on a great topic and a featured TedTalk about time management – how to gain control of your free time. Carry on the conversation in this week’s featured discussion and tell us how you gain control of your free time.


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