GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: New look to GeoNet Profiles, GIS Day, and more

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GeoNet Staff Picks of the Week

What’s new with GeoNet? Platform and Profile Updates

New Profile Changes

We are excited to announce a recent update to the GeoNet profiles making them more streamlined, easier to navigate, and a simplified look. The new profile layout will have:

  • The primary profile picture and the avatar are now one in the same. If a member has a different profile picture than their avatar, when this update takes place, the profile picture will become part of the picture gallery at the bottom of the new profile, and the current Avatar will be the profile pic at the top of the profile page.
  • The email and preferred address will only show if the user has indicated they want it to be public.
  • There will be one column for profile details and one for content activity.
  • A new navigation bar includes bookmarks, rewards, and calendar.
  • And, now you can add a banner image to dress up your profile.


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New Profanity Filters Profanity Filters

The GeoNet profanity filter is now on to prevent the use of profanity and block unwanted, potentially abusive or obscene content from being viewed when added in a post. What does this mean? If someone creates a post with profanity in the content, the word(s) will be hidden with asterisks. The change is also retroactive and will apply to existing content as well.


New Group Terminology

The name of the group types will be updated to simpler terms. The functionality and memberships of the groups will not change, just the nomenclature.

  • Open - changes to --> Public
  • Members Only - changes to --> Public Restricted
  • Private - changes to --> Private
  • Secret - changes to --> Private Unlisted


How-To Tip of the Week

Profile Banner Images

With the adoption of the new profile look and feel, you can update your profile with a great banner image that displays your character, passion, or work. It takes three simple steps in less than two minutes to update your banner image. Here’s how >> 


GeoNet Profile Banner Images


Top Blog of the Week

Mostly Mapping Map(s) of the Day - Hurricane Florence 

Bernie Szukalski shared a great blog with links to story maps for Hurricane and Tropical Cyclones Overview, Hurricane Florence Error Cone: Projected Impact, and more. Read on >>


Hurricane Florence Projected Impact Map


GIS DayFeatured Group of the Week


We bring to you GIS Day, the featured group of the week in GeoNet. Continuing with the September Back-to-School theme, learn all about GIS Day activities, how to plan for it, and how you can also contribute to the celebration of GIS Day, inspiring people of all ages to look at maps in a whole new way.

 We look forward to your contributions >>


Featured Discussion of the Week

Intro to Coding Webinar Discussion

This week the Women's Geospatial Forum posted a discussion about the WeCan “Intro to coding webinar” held on Thursday, September 13, 2018. The thread continues the conversation and learning started during the forum, and they are encouraging others to join in and offer any knowledge, questions, or shares.

Join the conversation >>



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