The New Member Journey, Terms of Use Update, ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, and more

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GeoNet Staff Picks of the Week

GeoNet Terms of Use UpdateGDPR updates

When logging into GeoNet this week, you will have noticed that you had to accept the GeoNet Terms of Use The Terms of Use, along with the Esri Privacy Statement have been updated to include new GDPR changes. Please be sure to take a few minutes to read the Terms of Use. If you have any questions about the changes to the Terms of Use or GDPR, please contact us at You can also read the Important GDPR Updates to GeoNet, the Esri Community posted last week.


How-To Tip of the Week

Recently the GeoNet Resource space began a transformation to give a better experience for new members. That experience includes a journey for new members beginning with the initial login of their first 30-60-90 days. Here are a few links to important steps along your journey:

  • GeoNet Resource Hub - New members get a warm welcome from Jack Dangermond and useful links that help guide the initial journey.
  • Introduce Yourself! – We invite our new members to introduce themselves to the community. Our GeoNet Community Manager, @Michelle_Mathias responds to every post with a warm welcome. We encourage existing members to pop in a give a quick "Hello" as well.
  • GeoNet Community Guiding Principles - Learn how our Guiding Principles "Be Helpful. Be Human. Be Smart." help set the etiquette and tone for the Community by explaining the mission and principles of participation in GeoNet.
  • Community Terms Glossary - Review this guide to learn the terminology used within GeoNet, including terms such as tags, spaces, groups, categories.
  • Your First Three Actions - This document is a three-step guide to begin the GeoNet journey as a new member starting with the completion of the profile.


What's Happening on GeoNet

Check out this week's curated list of top, trending and highlighted contributions you might have missed. Want to see one of your favorite GeoNet posts on this list? Got an idea or suggestion for future weekly updates? Comment below or contact us at

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the WorldFeatured Space

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World

Did you know that we have a GeoNet community dedicated to ArcGIS Living Atlas? In the Living Atlas space, you can find useful resources and information about the latest releases, links to the newsletter, videos, special dates for Living Atlas events, answers to questions and so much more. Check it out >>


Featured Top Blog

 Minor update to the Survey123 Field App Available (2.8) - Ismael Chivite, Esri

Announcing a minor update for the Survey123 field app for Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores. Also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Read more >>


Featured Unanswered Questions

Think you may have an answer? Help solve this week's featured unanswered question.


The Layer XXX is not responding / cannot be added to the map - L R, GeoNet Member, Portal for ArcGIS

How to add only points to a feature collection layer?? - Vijit Wadhwa, GeoNet Member ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET

Can you only use one geopoint in each survey? - David Nicholls, GeoNet Member, Survey123 for ArcGIS



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Featured Answered Questions of the Week

 Security Issue in ArcGIS Server - Elizabeth Donahue, GeoNet Member

Elizabeth Donahue's question, "I received an email from Esri regarding security issue in ArcGIS server. We are currently using Server 10.1 SP1. Is our version affected by this issue?" has received many responses marked as "Helpful" this week. Read the responses >>


Change object attribute of a leaf shape? - Natalie Brandenberg

Natalie posted the question in CityEngine asking, 'Can you actually select just certain leaf shapes with ce.selection? How would I do that?" Check out the answer >>


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