GDPR Updates, UC Updates, Editing Your GeoNet Profile and More

Blog Post created by CLoya-esristaff Employee on May 21, 2018

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Important GDPR Updates to GeoNet, the Esri Community

With the upcoming GDPR privacy changes, GeoNet will be implementing new changes to the Terms of Use and how we control user data. Users can manage their own privacy settings on GeoNet in a few simple steps. Learn more >>


Esri User Conference Behind-the-Scenes: Presenters

Ever wonder what it takes to become a presenter at the Esri User Conference each year? Charlotte Papp shares a Q&A interview with UC Presenter veteran, Derek Law, as he describes what it means to be a UC presenter. Read more >>


Public Safety Webinar Series

The Esri Startup Program posted an announcement for a FREE Public Safety Webinar Series on 3D GIS for Improved Event Response to be held on May 16, 2018. Interested? Click HERE to learn more and register.


Edit ProfileHow-To Tip of the Week

Last week we showed you how to update your privacy settings in your GeoNet profile. This week we share with you the steps to editing your profile in GeoNet. Learn how to edit your GeoNet profile bio and update your contact information. ...Learn more >>


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What's new in ArcGIS Maps for Power BI May 2018 update - Scott Ball, Esri

Announcing the integration between ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Maps for Power BI. This blog update is part of the Microsoft Power BI Desktop May 2018 Update and allows users to include feature layers and more...Read more >>


Featured Unanswered Questions

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Setting the search tolerance for routing using the python api - Chan Lee, GeoNet Member

Chan Lee asks, "I am looking to iterate roughly 1MM records through a routing REST to enrich a pandas data frame with travel time and distance. How can I set the search tolerance using the module? I have used the guide up to this point and it has worked great." Think you have an answer that can help?


How to place alt text in openstreetmap image url? - Amit Kumar, GeoNet Member

Amit Kumar needs your help to find a solution to his question for placing alt text in openstreetmap image url. He can see the alt text is null in the code he provided and needs a little extra guidance from our GeoNet Community to solve this one. ...Read more >>


Is there a comprehensive list of the config.js properties? - Justin Odell, GeoNet Member

Justin Odell posted, "I am familiar with the explanation of properties on this page:

Set advanced portal options—Portal for ArcGIS (10.5.x) | ArcGIS Enterprise

However, I was hoping there might be some more detailed explanation for all the other properties found within the Portal for ArcGIS config.js file.

Is there somewhere that documents all the properties in detail?"

Know the answer? Help Justin >>


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Featured Answered Questions of the Week

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How to use "if" and "then" on survey 123? - Marcos Antonio Lima Rios, GeoNet Member

Read how Esri staff and GeoNet Members help Marcos Antonio solve his question for using "if" and "then" to set a value in survey123 for ArcGIS. ...See more >>


Featured Discussion


See what happened during the Cartography. MOOC "Ask Me Anything"

Did you miss the The specified item was not found. Ask Me Anything session? Check out the posted questions and see what our MOOC experts had to say. Career advise, cartography questions, GIS and technology advancements, and more.

View the conversation >>


Latest ArcGIS Living Atlas Gems newsletter

Tamara Grant, Esri, shares a link to the latest enhancements to the #LivingAtlas in ArcGIS Living Atlas Gems newsletter. Share your thoughts or ask questions about the latest enhancements in this featured discussion. ...Check it out >>