GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: GeoNet UC Agenda, Extending Survey 123 Part 1, and GeoNet Email Preferences

Blog Post created by CLoya-esristaff Employee on May 7, 2018

GeoNet at User Conference 2018

We’re excited to announce that GeoNet will be part of the Lifelong Learning area in the Expo at this year’s User Conference in San Diego, California. We have many activities planned including GeoNet 101 sessions for new GeoNet Community members, Meet-Ups, the UC Plenary Live Blog, daily updates and more.

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User Preferences Setting EmailsHow-To Tip of the Week

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What's Happening on GeoNet

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Top Blog

Extending Survey123, Part 1: White Labeling - Jayson Ward

This new blog series is a guide for the customization processes in ArcGIS Survey123. Using a fictitious municipality user story, Jayson Ward gives a guided tour of the customization process for white labeling in Survey123




Introducing the Workforce Python Module! - Aaron Pulver

To simplify the automation of Workforce tasks with the recent update release to the ArcGIS API for Python (v1.4.1), Aaron Pulver shares the Jupyter notebook highlighting how to use the new Workforce module




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Problem with Arcpy.MakeXYEventLayer in Python Script

GeoNet Community Members work together to sharing links, resources, and script to help Jason Bartling solve the EOFError exception he receives when trying different inputs to MakeXYLayer tool ... Read more >>


Is it possible to use a Mosaic Dataset that is created in ArcPro in ArcMap?

Short answer, yes. Not only was this question answered and resolved, but it is also marked helpful six times. Think you may have the same question?  Read how the Esri team helps answer the question >>


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Featured Discussion

300 Layers - Dvir Shimol

Dvir asked, “What is the best approach to manage a Web map with 300 Layers?... What is the best way to archive that while keeping the capabilities of the layers customization through the portal for ArcGIS?”

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