GeoNet Group Clean-up

Blog Post created by MMathias-esristaff Employee on Jan 10, 2018

We are conducting an audit of all GeoNet Community groups including the review of activity, content, and use of each group as part of regular maintenance and our ongoing mission to improve the GeoNet Member and Visitor experience.


As of January 1, 2018, groups with no activity since 2016 will be archived or deleted based on the activity and content. If there is no content and/or activity since 2016, the groups will be deleted without notification. Groups with content and no activity will be reviewed and an email notification will be sent to the owner(s). The content will be moved and archived. Groups with large amounts of content will be archived and removed from public navigation. This means the group and its content will no longer be accessible by members and visitors.


Group owners have two weeks from the email notification to contact me, the GeoNet Community Manager, to make other arrangements to have the group reviewed and remain open.


Stay Tuned additional updates to the new GeoNet group and space creation process and group admin Resource Hub coming soon.


Thank you for participating and collaborating in the GeoNet Community.