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I wanted to share an important update about the GeoNet Community team.  After a stellar 3+ years of managing, moderating and serving the Esri Community on GeoNetTimothy Hales  is transitioning out of the Community Manager role and moving on to a new role at Esri 


We're going to miss Timothy and we greatly appreciate his dedication to fostering community, collaboration and deeper relationships between our customers, distributors, partners and staff. A farewell note from Timothy is below and I invite you to join me in giving him a big GeoNet shout-out and wishing him well in the comments below.  


A few logistical details 

  • Friday, June 2 was Timothy's final day as Community Manager and I will be managing the core Community Manager duties until we have filled this open position.  
  • We have been actively recruiting for this open Community Manager position as well as a new Community Content Manager role on our team and we hope to have them filled as soon as possible.  
  • Please direct any community questions and requests to me or the email address.  



Farewell note from Timothy:  

It has been a crazy few years managing the GeoNet community. I didn't quite know what all I was taking on, but I was excited about the opportunity. Building, launching, and managing a community takes a lot of work. I have an enormous amount of appreciation for community managers and those that contribute behind the scenes.  


We took our technical forums and migrated it to a broader community. This transition brought many challenges because change is difficult. We dealt with broken functionality, and worked to contribute to the improvement of future releases.  


Even through all these challenges I have remained focused on providing a place where questions could be asked, answers could be provided, content could be shared, and the customer's voice could be heard. I have been able to work with some of the greatest GIS users in the world. I have learned about your projects ranging from K-12 Education to App Development. I have even enjoyed meeting many of you in person and putting a face to a username.  


In my time working with the community I have seen it grow to over 227,000 registered users. You have contributed over 66,000 pieces of content and have built hundreds of collaborative spaces and groups. Your interest in finding answers, learning new technologies, and helping others compile nearly 275,000 content views a day. 


I am thankful for each customer, Esri colleague, moderator, and MVP. You have contributed great content and built strong collaborative partnerships. You have provided a welcoming environment for others to ask questions. You have helped solve countless problems across the ArcGIS platform. You are the ones that make up this community. 


Where do I go from here you might ask?  I will be joining the Esri Training Services team as an Education Specialist. There I will be authoring web based and instructor lead course while carrying out my passion for GIS and helping others become more proficient using the technology. 


Thank you for being a part of the greatest GIS community on the web! It's been an incredible journey!