Community News and Tips: Introducing the GeoNet Community Guiding Principles, Changes to ArcGIS Ideas roles and permissions

Blog Post created by timothy_hales-esristaff Employee on Nov 8, 2016

For this week's Community News and Tips, we'd like to share two updates about the new GeoNet Community Guiding Principles and a change made to the ArcGIS Ideas site impacting Esri staff and distributor roles and permissions.


Introducing the GeoNet Community Guiding Principles


Our goal and vision for GeoNet is for our online community to be a meaningful and valuable place where the Esri Community—customers, Esri staff, and others in the GIS and geospatial professional community—can gather to exchange ideas, solve problems, accelerate success and build relationships to create a better world through the use of geographic information technology. To achieve that goal and make sure you have a positive, productive and fulling experience here, we’re excited to share with you the new GeoNet Community Guiding Principles “Be Helpful. Be Human. Be Smart.”  


These Guiding Principles closely align with our GeoNet Terms of Use, and you can use these guidelines as a quick check to make sure your contributions are adding value and supporting our community goals. We encourage you to review the guidelines and share them with your groups and fellow members throughout GeoNet.


ArcGIS Ideas role and permissions update


We recently made changes to further improve how staff and distributors engage with customers on the ArcGIS Ideas site. As before, the site will continue to serve as a platform for Esri staff and distributors to engage with our customers and listen to your feedback and gather your ideas. Going forward, only customers can submit and vote on ideas. In some cases, Esri staff and distributors may be called upon to submit ideas on behalf of customers. Esri staff and distributors are encouraged to contribute to the site by posting follow up questions and comments on ideas.


Thanks to our GeoNet Champions!

A team of both Esri staff and customer GeoNet Community champions helped in creating and reviewing the Guiding Principles and implementing these changes for ArcGIS Ideas and we appreciate your collaboration and contributions. If you have any questions about these updates, please comment below or send an email to geonet@esri.com.


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