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ccatania.pngI am excited to announce that Christopher Catania has joined Esri as the Digital Community Strategist overseeing the strategy for GeoNet and Esri online customer communities. Prior to Esri, he spent the last several years creating online communities and using communication, collaboration and social media strategies to build relationships between brands and their customers and organizations and their employees.


When not at work he enjoys reading books, watching awesome movies, watching the Cubs, trail running, exploring the outdoors, spending time with his family and sharing his thoughts on the business of online communities, live music and life on his website Live Fix.


Although he has only been in this role for a couple months, he has hit the ground running by meeting with key Esri leaders and customers, getting up to speed on current GeoNet projects, and developing a communication strategy for the 2016 User Conference. I am excited to be working along side him to provide an outstanding community for our users. Here is a brief update from Chris:


Since joining Esri in April, here are some of projects I’ve been working on these last couple months and what’s coming down the road as we continue to develop the Esri Community strategy.

  • An important part of building the Esri Community strategy is understanding where we’re at, so over the last few months I’ve spent time talking with customers and employees to learn what community members value the most and where we can grow the community.  I’ll be sharing more about this process and how we can partner and collaborate together to build the community strategy.
  • Esri Community at UC strategy: During the UC we will be hosting community meet-ups and publishing live content from the conference to GeoNet.  This is a first, so I’m looking forward to connecting with you and collaborating with the community all week and beyond. I’m excited to meet you and learn about your UC experiences and hear what you think about this new approach!
  • ArcGIS Ideas was successfully migrated and launched in the Esri Community on GeoNet. Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll be sharing more updates about how the Ideas site is going and how we see it supporting the rest of the GeoNet Community and the Esri organization.
  • We created and shared the latest  Ten Questions for Esri (featuring Lauren Bennett). We’ll be evolving the Ten Questions series in addition to other content in the The specified item was not found. so stay tuned for updates.
  • To make it easier to discover and engage with community content, I'm working with the web strategy team to create modules that will allow us to imbed community content on various places within
  • We’ve kicked off a project to clean up and realign select groups and spaces within GeoNet. If your group is impacted by this work, we’ll let you know.


Thanks again for your contributions and support of the Esri Community and I look forward to connecting with you at UC and on GeoNet!