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In December we began discussing the redesign of the community homepage (New GeoNet Homepage and Graphics). These redesign changes will be released over the next couple months beginning with the Phase 1 this weekend (March 4-6).


Phase 1

  • Content Layout - All content types will get an improved look and feel. (Complete)
  • Homepage Layout - The homepage will focus on helping users explore the community while also highlighting top places and content within the community. (Complete)
  • Site Width - The site will be expanded to a 1440px width to reduce white space in order to bring more content within a single view. (Complete)


Phase 2

  • Thumbnail Graphics - The "Explore Pages" will have each thumbnail updated.
  • Banner Graphics - Banner graphics for all space will be expanded to accommodate the 1440px width.


Phase 3

  • Community Taxonomy - Many places within the community will be consolidated to help bring related content into a single location.


Please be patient as we work through each of these improvements. If you have any questions or concerns you may comment on this post or email us directly at Thank you!


If you encounter any issues, please see: Known issues with homepage redesign and community improvements