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On June 26th we will receive an upgrade to our community platform. This upgrade will include a variety of features to help improve your GeoNet experience. Here are a couple features to be on the look out for:


Spotlight Search

The redesigned Spotlight Search is a great way to quickly find items using keywords when you don't need a more detailed investigation. It automatically includes wildcards as you type parts of words. Plus, check out the History and Suggestions tabs to pull up your viewing history or things you look at often.


Create a Copy

Documents can now be copied as a new document, discussion, or blog post. This is a great way to make templates for others to use.



Bulk File Upload

If you need to upload a large number of documents or files into the community, you can now use Create > Files (this menu selection replaces Uploaded file in the Create menu indicated by the pencil icon) to streamline the process. Select up to 50 files to upload to the same place in a single operation. Files are automatically named based on file names, but you can change their names after you upload them.

The 2015 Esri User Conference is only one month away, and there are going to be a lot of great presentations from both Esri and the user community. Two of those presentations are on the topic of GeoNet. Check them out below and add one to your UC schedule.


Getting started with GeoNet | The Esri Community

Presenter: Timothy Hales

When: Thursday, 23 Jul 2015, 10:00am - 10:30am

Location: Tech Theater 15 Exhibit Hall A


GeoNet connects you with 100,000+ GIS users from across the globe. Gain insight to establishing your profile and creating streams for custom views of community content. Learn how to find answers to your questions, and explore the various tools for collaboration in order to take your GeoNet experience to the next level.



GeoNet: Tips and tricks for getting your questions answered quickly

Presenter: Kelly Hutchins

When: Thursday, 23 Jul 2015, 12:30pm - 1:15pm

Location: Demo Theater 11 - Developer


GeoNet Discussions are a great place to ask and answer questions. However do you find that your questions are consistently left unanswered? If so then this is the session for you. We’ll cover tips and tricks that show you how to create a good Q&A Discussion post. Along the way you’ll learn some tips that will help you debug your applications.



Find more presentations on the UC Agenda.

We are currently working on an issue where users may be redirected to an okta login page while trying to log into GeoNet. This login will not allow you to access to GeoNet with your Esri Account.


It appears that this issues is specific to the Internet Explorer (IE) browser and from mobile devices. To avoid this issue, sign into your Esri Account from the link at the top of the site prior to contributing within GeoNet.


"Sign In" at top of site will allow you to login correctly. -