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We have added three new spaces into GeoNet to cover some new products. I'd give you a brief overview of the new spaces, but you'll find our a whole lot more by checking them out your self.


1. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Note: The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS group previously existed within GeoNet, but we have migrated the existing content into the new space. The group is no longer accepting new content, and it will be archived soon.


2. ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET


3. ArcGIS Pro

On October 9, 2014 we implemented a new release of the GeoNet Map. Here are a few of the improvements you will see:


More Map Real Estate

We have reduced the legend and information panel down to a collapsible button.

Base Map

The World Light Gray Base web map has been added as the base map.



GeoNet members are now clustered on the map to give a cleaner overview when zoomed out. Zooming in on the map provides more detail for that area.

Popup Pagination

When more than one members uses the same location, you no longer only see one of those members. The popup supports pagination to allow you to scroll between all members that share that location.


Be sure to watch over the next few months as we continue to improve your GeoNet Map experience.