Coming Soon: Submit Your GeoNet Ideas

Blog Post created by timothy_hales-esristaff Employee on Sep 9, 2014

UPDATE (October 8, 2014) - GeoNet Ideas has been placed on hold. There were a few issues with the implementation of it within the community. We are looking to still provide this functionality; however, we want to make sure it properly meets the needs of the community.


The GeoNet Community has be out for about two months now. I have received a lot of suggestions and feedback about the community. Most of these ideas have been logged in my own "Feedback and Enhancements" table, but that isn't a public document. In an effort to listen to the community we are working on a way that you can share ideas, so that others can comment and vote on them.


Coming very soon you will be able to submit your own ideas for the GeoNet Community. You may have seen an extra icon show up in your Create menu:



Once the Idea Module is fully functional you will be able to post ideas directly to GeoNet Resource Hub. Note that GeoNet Ideas is currently only focused on the community. ArcGIS Ideas is still the best place to submit your ideas for Esri software, website, training, and more. Look for more information on GeoNet Ideas over the next week or so. We will be detailing how you can submit your ideas, and we will provide an overview of the process once an idea gets submitted. So get out that tablet, notebook, or napkin and start brainstorming your GeoNet Ideas today!