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On August 22 we will receive an upgrade to our community platform. This upgrade is focused primarily on the beta mobile design release along with some bug fixes and functionality enhancements. The primary enhancement that you will see is the ability to share content with places.

Share content to people and places

Now you can share content with places as well as people. Sharing content with a project, group, or space places a link to that shared content into the destination place's content directory, where members of the place can see it. Those with access to the shared content will be able to view the full content, and can share, bookmark, or follow the shared content from the places in which it appears.


Responsive Design Beta

When you access GeoNet on your mobile device, you will see a different view. As the size of the user’s browser changes across devices, so will the layout. This means you can expect to see the same great interface anywhere you go with prioritized content and functionality always surfacing to the top when on a smaller mobile screen. Please be aware that the responsive design is being released as beta, and we welcome your feedback in GeoNet Resource Hub.