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I'm trying to figure out why my raster image does not match its spatial extent. For example, the bottom-left corner of the image is supposed to be at (1033596, -526063) (see attachment "projection info"), but this point (green dot) does not line up with the bottom-left corner of the raster (see attachment "raster"). I've set the coordinate system… (Show more)
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So, I'm trying to take the free "Getting Started with ArcMap" tutorial. The first step is going to "Add Data" and then "Add Data from AcrGIS Online" and search for the Amazon Ecoregion map by Learn_ArcGIS - except that when I search for the Amazon Ecoregion nothing by Learn_ArcGIS comes up. There is not Amazon Ecoregion I can download to my… (Show more)
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I haved tried to use "Simplify Polygon (Cartography)" on the ArcGis 10.5 with the "Input barrier layers" option, but it seem that does not work properly. I tested it thought points, lines or polygons as barrier layers.  Maybe it is a bug on that AG version?.   Fran
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Hi Jake @Jake Skinner, through trial and error, I finally found out what the problem was. When I unchecked the "Add result as operational layer" in the output options (see attached), all the points loaded. I don't know why this made a difference. What I need to know now is how to give my users some control over the size, colour, style/shape of the… (Show more)
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I have several hundred shape files that have a field in the attribute table called "ELEVATION".  They need to all be edited to be camelcase like "Elevation", where the E is capitalized but the rest are lower case.    Anyone know a way I can do this without importing and editing each shape file one at a time? Thanks!
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I would like the layer to be in a format compatible with Arcmap/Pro.
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We are upgrading from 10.2 to 10.4 environment. Is it possible to share the same mxd to both a test arcgisserver and a production arcgisserver simultaneously? Regards, Jane
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OK gang I am feeling like a real dummy at this point - have searched high and low for the simple reason I cannot preview the feature service REST end point in catalog. Have services coming in to Arc Catalog and on some REST services I can preview the feature service but in others I can only preview the map services - no userid / password required… (Show more)
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In Model Builder in 10.4, I'm trying to apply a dissolve, then multipart to single part, then projection, then finally calculate areas in acres.   All the steps work until the last one, whence it says it can't open the table.   The step before (projection) works, and terminates successfully, and I've verified the new layer outdata is present. It… (Show more)
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hi,   I have to compare some bathy data from two different surveys (two different years) The old data have in the table of attributes : "bathy grid=0.3" and "Major" and "minor" contour. That is why we have asked to the Client to produce a shapefile which will have consistency with this.   The shapefile he has produced following the new survey… (Show more)
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