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How to add spatial data shape files, feature class from file geodatabase to insights
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Click to view contentmxdperfstat is not able to generate the report, please find the below command.
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I want to convert a line of vector points (X, Z data) in a local grid system (start being 0) to start and stop at two GPS points I took this summer.    I was trying to use ArcGIS Pro's transform and rubbersheeting methods but it was not working. Should I be trying to just 'add' the GPS points to the ends of the line? How would I do this?    Any… (Show more)
in GeoNet Resource Hub
I have many Feature Classes (FCs) with a lot of fields that's covers a large area. I would like to copy only a subtype of the data of each FC by a defined extent to a new File Geodatabase with the same FCs names but only with 3 selected fields.  I already made an empty targeted FCs with only the 3 fields I need in a new FGDB (with subtypes and… (Show more)
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Dear Community,   I'm trying to figure out how to make each interval in graduated color symbology have its own transparency level. How do I do that? I have attached here an image of my project.   Thank you,   Ben
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Dears,Can I host this database in Arcgis or Arcgis pro programe?  In advance thank you very much,   Regards   Eshak Gris
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