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I am returning to GeoNet after a long absence and have been wanting to ask questions. I am unable to set Publish Location,. Depressing the associated black radio button yields nothing and neither does direct keyboard entry. Your suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks
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Click to view contentGeoNet Resource Hub > News & Tips  GeoNet Staff Picks of the WeekSt. Kilda Penguin Release (3.1) in Survey123 for ArcGIS Ismael Chivite posts a great blog about the St. Kilda Penguin Release (3.1) including custom themes and user input validation rules in multiple choice questions in Web Designer, character counter in text questions for the Web… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI am having an issue where the blog editor is stripping indentation/spaces from code in the Syntax highlighter.  For example, the following: looks like this after saving it as draft:   Notice that 1st tier indentation is going from 4 spaces to 1 space, and 2nd tier indentation is being remove entirely.   I have tried numerous things to… (Show more)
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Click to view contentWelcome to GeoNet!  We are a community that collaborates, learns and shares together. To help you connect with other members, we started this introduction thread. Think of this as your intro to GoeNet networking and a chance to get to know  each other as we begin our GeoNet journey.   Please introduce yourself to the rest of the community by… (Show more)
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Where can i find map data for Finland that has spatial data. Have tried using the national land survey of Finland service but can only seem to get .png files, when i add these to arcmap it does not have spatial data so its impossible to plot my gps coordinate data onto it.
Click to view contentAdding an image to your post gives the reader something visual to relate and provides a visual connection to your content. Images break up content and provide an explanation of the message you want to convey. Images are searchable and help to increase search engine traffic on open content. Content images provide a visual for the social media…
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I am having trouble finding average slope on our system areas (polygons). I have tried using the Esri terrain layer but I can't seem to find the slope. Our system areas are in 8 different states so downloading separate DEMs is not really an option.   THANK YOU!
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