• FYI: COVID-19 Dashboards and Apps Recommendations

    All,   Over the last 2 weeks we've seen many new ArcGIS Dashboards and Apps created to help monitor and support the COVID-19 situation worldwide. Many people are interested in learning more information each day ...
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  • GeoNet Community Discussions Covering Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

    The work you do to support awareness of COVID-19 in your regions is important and The Esri Community is here to help. Collaborate by sharing your ideas, questions, resources, or projects here in the GeoNet Community. ...
  • Coronavirus Downloadable Malware Map App Clarification

    A new Windows-based application has been created by a malicious individual or group that uses the the online map posted by John Hopkins University at https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html as a decoy for ...
  • Survey123 Connect Basemap Issue

    I'm creating a survey using Survey123 Connect that needs to go out to a variety of submitters via the web browser (not the app) and am having multiple issues with the map in the geopoint question. I've tried using bot...
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  • Health and Human Services Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help address health and human services topics.   Franklin County, OH - Dept of Public Health, Mosquito Surveillance Dashbo...
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  • Census 2010 Blocks & Population Tables

    Hello! I'm new to using Census data and am having trouble finding total population tables for all 50 states & DC to join to TIGER block geometry. I've spent many hours exploring Census web & ftp sites, and hav...
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  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS used to help address Opioid Epidemic

    FYI, 2 great articles that discuss how local government are using GIS technology and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS in particular, to help with the opioid epidemic.   1. The Herald-News: Will County GIS importa...
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  • GIS Center student creates 3D-printed tactile campus map for Disability Services

    GIS Center student creates 3D-printed tactile campus map for Disability Services   tactile_map campus mapping nasa austin_peay_state_university braille disability_services 3d printing xyht magazine
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  • your output raster is empty

    I am receiving an error while creating a raster layer. The error is your output raster is empty. What to do next?
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  • GIS datasets for vaccine-preventable diseases in refugees research

    The project I am working on is for my doctorate degree and I am getting ready to submit the research proposal. I would like to use Geodata sets to answer the question of what is the burden of vaccine-preventable disea...
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  • How do I link county names with a location?

    Before I can ask my question I will provide some background.  I am looking to map the number of medical doctors, primary doctors, otolaryngologists, and radiation oncologists for each county across the US.  ...
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  • Ebola Dashboards

    FYI, I wanted to share some nice Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS that deal with monitoring ebola outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   1. World Health Organization - Ebola Surv...
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  • How do I view my TPK file in Survey123?

    I am developing a survey in Survey123 that will be conducted in an area without internet connectivity, and need to utilize offline maps so that users can pinpoint specific locations.  I have followed ES...
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  • Spatial analysis

    Hello, I am doing spatial analysis using huge national population data set. I have faced several challenges when I do the analysis. I have a point feature data with associated values. Each point feature has an average...
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  • Story map series logos/ links

    Is there a way for me to add more than one logo/ link to the header in my tabbed story map series?
  • Whitepaper: Altering the Course of Disease Surveillance: Connecting Cause and Effect to Location

    GIS is a powerful technology that can be used for early disease detection and timely response. It can help stakeholders at all levels — local, regional and national — understand disease patterns, share inf...
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  • Insights for ArcGIS and Cobb County Government

    Open video

  • "Mapping could help stop Ebola's spread"

    A great article by Lars Skog on tracking Ebola. KTH | Mapping could help stop Ebola's spread
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  • Ebola Story Map

    Check out this Ebola Story Map that covers 1976-2014.
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  • Open Data Site for WHO Ebola Response

    Home | Ebola Response
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