• "Why Should Hospital CIOs Care about GIS?"

    Read this article to learn more! Why Should Hospital CIOs Care About GIS Software? | Healthcare Informatics Magazine | Health IT | Information Technology
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  • Date Entry in Survey123 not from calendar picklist

    I am designing a form in Survey123 that asks for birthdate.  The date field activates a calendar "pick" which, by default, shows current month and year. It will be cumbersome to have people click backwards year...
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  • Where is the highest incidence of flu in the US?

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  • Interested in learning more about how to use ArcGIS?

    Go to Lesson Gallery | Learn ArcGIS You can do industry specific lessons as well!
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  • Did you vote on the 2016 UC look?

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  • Two Layer Names in Legend! (I only want one...)

    I'm creating a web app using web maps on ArcGIS Online but there are always two headings for my layers in the legend, one of which is the file name and thus not very user friendly: I uploaded a shapefile (zipped) fr...
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  • Point Density and Geocoded Data

    I'm trying to use the point density tool to determine the density of patients across our network. I took a batch of patient data and geocoded it using the locator tool from Streetmap Premium. I took the geocoded layer...
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  • "Building Healthy Communities: Making a Difference with GIS"

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  • Interested in going to the CDC?

    Only 11 spots left! Register now for this amazing opportunity! http://www.esri.com/events/health
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  • Streetmap Premium Composite Address Locator distance output field

    I have Streetmap premium for ArcGIS TomTom R2 2014, when I use the composite USA_2014R2_TT_Composite address locator an output field that is created in my geocoded table is a "Distance" field.  The field contains...
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  • Rabies maps

    Hi,   Our health department wanted a rabies map for their web site.  Rather than create a static pdf showing confirmed cases I created a web map that could be imbedded in a web page or viewed as a free stan...
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  • Where is the greatest amount of money being spent for Medicare?

    Southern Discomfort | Learn ArcGIS
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  • Ebola: Can big data analytics help contain its spread?

    Check out this article from BBC News BBC News - Ebola: Can big data analytics help contain its spread? 
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  • How do you track the flu?

    Check out what SDSU did! SMART (Social Media Analytic and Research Testbed), HDMA || SDSU
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  • Data on pollution and pollen?

    Data sources? My primary field is Oil and Gas, but I volunteer with a small non-prof in the healthcare industry. Where are some good data sources? Census data is an easy place to start (dataferret!) but are there good...
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  • Creating a demographics map

    A friend asked me to if I could show her a map of our region (Western New York) using demographics such as income, race, education, and access to health care so she can analyze the market for alternative medicine. Use...
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  • What is public health?

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