• Census 2010 Blocks & Population Tables

    Hello! I'm new to using Census data and am having trouble finding total population tables for all 50 states & DC to join to TIGER block geometry. I've spent many hours exploring Census web & ftp sites, and hav...
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  • Survey123 Connect Basemap Issue

    I'm creating a survey using Survey123 Connect that needs to go out to a variety of submitters via the web browser (not the app) and am having multiple issues with the map in the geopoint question. I've tried using bot...
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  • your output raster is empty

    I am receiving an error while creating a raster layer. The error is your output raster is empty. What to do next?
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  • GIS datasets for vaccine-preventable diseases in refugees research

    The project I am working on is for my doctorate degree and I am getting ready to submit the research proposal. I would like to use Geodata sets to answer the question of what is the burden of vaccine-preventable disea...
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  • How do I link county names with a location?

    Before I can ask my question I will provide some background.  I am looking to map the number of medical doctors, primary doctors, otolaryngologists, and radiation oncologists for each county across the US.  ...
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  • How do I view my TPK file in Survey123?

    I am developing a survey in Survey123 that will be conducted in an area without internet connectivity, and need to utilize offline maps so that users can pinpoint specific locations.  I have followed ES...
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  • Spatial analysis

    Hello, I am doing spatial analysis using huge national population data set. I have faced several challenges when I do the analysis. I have a point feature data with associated values. Each point feature has an average...
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  • Story map series logos/ links

    Is there a way for me to add more than one logo/ link to the header in my tabbed story map series?
  • Having trouble importing excel tables into ArcGIS Pro

    I'm frequently having trouble adding excel tables to maps or importing them into my geodatabase in Pro.  I keep getting error messages that say the container is empty, but when I try to import the same table to m...
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  • Analyzing spatio-temporal data

    Is there a way to do an emerging hotspot analysis that illustrates the change in values associated with points or polygons over time as opposed to simply counting the number of points that occur over time?
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  • HIPPA compliant geocoder

    Does anyone know of a HIPPA compliant Geocoder? Thanks.
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  • Is there a way to embed an ArcGIS Online map on a page in SharePoint without making it publicly available?

    We have an organizational account and would like employees that will be not altering maps to view maps that we created on SharePoint page that only they have access to. There is sensitive information that cannot be sh...
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  • Is this a good scenario for hot spot analysis or is there a better way?

    We are collecting data for a community revitalization product and are rating public utilities from 1 being the worst, to 4 being in great condition. I was wondering how I could best show the county our resul...
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  • Average distance to stores in a zip code and its neighbor zip codes

    I am working on calculating the average distance to supermarkets in ArcGIS. I was able to generate a list of neighbor zip codes using the Polygon Neighbors feature. I would like to calculate the average Euclidean dist...
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  • How can I share existing geonet content to this Health and Human Services geonet place?

    I do not see this place name in the geonet share list. How can I share existing geonet content to this Health and Human Services geonet place?
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  • How to analyse the correlation of 2 sets of points on the map?

    I am working to do spatial correlation analysis between a source of disease and the disease itself.  So, how to analyse the correlation between the two sets of points on the map (spatial correlation)? What are th...
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  • Disease mapping and application standards

    I am a medical entomologist with expertise in GIS. It seems that there are many sources for disease information, some very well developed, but these sources are not compatible with each other. I think there is a need ...
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  • "Why Should Hospital CIOs Care about GIS?"

    Read this article to learn more! Why Should Hospital CIOs Care About GIS Software? | Healthcare Informatics Magazine | Health IT | Information Technology
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  • Date Entry in Survey123 not from calendar picklist

    I am designing a form in Survey123 that asks for birthdate.  The date field activates a calendar "pick" which, by default, shows current month and year. It will be cumbersome to have people click backwards year...
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  • Where is the highest incidence of flu in the US?

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