• Government Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used for various government themed topics:     Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water & Wastewater Planning Dashboard &#...
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  • ArcGIS/Storymap/Shortlist – URL/Hyperlink issue

    ArcGIS/Storymap/Shortlist – URL/Hyperlink issue   Hello, Trying to showcase over a 1000 built schools using the Shortlist app. https://ofcc.ohio.gov/K-12-Portfolio I have multiple hyperlinks per school ...
  • arcgis-for-state-government-card-deck.pdf

    The is the PDF for a pack of trading cards for ArcGIS for State Government.  Each card has a short description and link to a map, app, or platform configuration specific to state government.  The templates a...
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  • USGS Grid DEM from National Map

    Can any one assist me in converting USGS grid 1/3 dem to raster? When using Raster to Poly it is telling me the file is not within range.
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  • State Lands management within GIS

    Outside of the Indiana State Land Office, there are a couple other States that have specific land office (New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana) that specifically deal with past and present state owned/managed land parcels. I'...
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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the ArcGIS for State Government Forum!
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  • Invitation to check out the new Esri Community

    We�??d like to invite you to join an exciting new pilot program that will   change the way Esri users connect and collaborate. Welcome to the new   online community -- The Esri Community. Think o...
  • Random Rounding Error??

    I have a field that is double with no defined precision or scale and populated with real numbers. I create a new field, same format, and use field calc to subtract each number by .01 I create another field, same forma...
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  • Suggestions on Classification

    I am working with a interpolated bathymetry layer I created and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on which classification type may be best. I am currently using an equal interval scheme but was wondering i...
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