• Citizen Reporter won't load

    I'm using Citizen Problem Reporter. Whenever I test pressing on "Submit a Report" I get a never ending loading screen. Is there a step that I may have missed or an option I need to check? I made sure that it was saved...
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  • Does anyone else have an issue with the "Reverse Directions" in the Local Perspective Template?

    When I click the button to generate reverse directions in the local perspective app the directions are generated but the results of the directions aren't viewable. 
  • FCC Cellular Towers

    Anyone had any luck working with the ULS data from FCC to extract cellular antenna locations?
    created by kharris1970
  • Address points not on actual structure , but are on end of driveway

    There is an app my County elections office hosted on ArcGIS Online. This app and the assessor’s office app have one fatal flaw, the address points created by the County 911 are placed at the end of the driveways...
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  • Citizen Problem Reporter: Won't Load?

    Hello all. I'm starting to look into using Citizen Problem Reporter with Cityworks. I'm trying to configure the app at the moment (I used the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment) but whenever I test pressing on "Submit a Repo...
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  • Trouble publishing web layer from Pro to AGOL when using contingent values

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to the GIS world, so please forgive me for any ignorance. Essentially what I'm attempting to do is create a collector app to acquire data for different types of road damages (e.g.,  thro...
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  • Consistent application of color ramp?

    Good morning- I'm trying to apply a consistent range of graduated colors/ramp across 3 data frames.  I have three years mapping polygons on a percent from 0 - 100%.  The problem is year one only has values ...
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  • Large batch move of point FC

    I'm creating a new point FC from an existing point FC. I have 600,000 address points in my database and a department a my work wants their own service point FC using the address point FC as a template. The catch is th...
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  • Generating a Unique ID on a hosted feature layer

    Currently I am generating Unique IDs for features in a hosted feature service as they are collected using a database trigger. I would like to generate unique IDs on a hosted feature layer in the same fashion. Sin...
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  • ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension supported formats - link broken?

    Hello,   I was trying to research the list of supported file formats for the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension, but clicking on the links on this page:   ArcGIS Data Interoperability | Easily Work wit...
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  • How do I prevent snapping from disengaging towards end point of line?

    I have noticed recently that when snapping points or lines to a line using the nearest tool, that the nearest snapping works only up to a certain position on the line to which is being snapped. However beyond a distan...
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  • USPS service area polygons

    Anyone know where I can get the polygon data to display the 7 USPS service areas? 
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  • How to dissolve parcels by owner name? 

    Hello,  I'm looking for a work flow to properly dissolve parcel by the same owner.  Currently we use the address field to dissolve parcels. Usually parcel owners will have one common (almost unique ID) to d...
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  • AutoCad DWG does not place on the map.

    I am working on a project for next generation 911. Our goal is to import school schematics into ArcGIS for the purpose of assigning addresses to the cafeteria,  swimming pool,  offices,  etc. I have obt...
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  • How do I assign a location that is not an address or set of coordinates?

    Hi all,   Noob here. I have precinct level election data stored as an excel workbook and my precinct shapefiles already represented on my map. The precinct shapefiles and the election data both have a "Precinct"...
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  • How to animate wind direction using ArcGIS Pro

    I have data from a weather station.  It is a table with time, date and wind direction.  I have used different symbols for each wind direction used in the table.  I have tried animating it using range an...
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  • Is it possible to remove a split on a line/polyline feature class?

    I am trying to merge the line segments on a county wide street center line file.    I approached this problem first by using the merge tool in editor toolbar. It asks me to "choose the feature with which ot...
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  • LandUseViolations

    Where can I download the datamodelfeature dataset, with domains, etc. for the LandUseViolations Code Violations application. I'm new to ArcGIS Pro (user of ArcMAP for decades). When I tried the Pro deployment too...
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  • Creating a list from spatial query

    Hi all,   I am new to ArcGIS so forgive me if this question seems a bit basic. I am looking to produce a word document or spreadsheets with the results of an overlay query. Basically I have a point database of...
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  • Remove sections of polygons that do not meet minimum contiguous area requirement?

    I am performing parcel analysis that requires the removal of parcel sections that do not meet a minimum contiguous area requirement of 300 square feet (able to have a 300x300ft square pass through it). Is there a way ...
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