• Land Administration

    Hey guys,am trying to create a fresh land administration database and I would be grateful if I can get serious ideas on how to go about it from the very basic stage to the advanced stage.All comments will be really ap...
    created by jballz
  • Use of story maps or other apps for staff presentations to Planning Commissions

    I've seen lots of story maps and apps for things like Comprhensive Plans but I haven't really seen anything related to regular staff reports for things like rezonings, conditional use permits etc.  There is a pub...
    last modified by ksjosh82
  • ArcGIS for Local Government Gallery

    Have you checked out the ArcGIS for Local Government app gallery yet?  This is a great resource to find free applications that will meet your organizations needs. Show us what apps your organization has implemented.
  • Census Blocks

    Does ESRI offer census blocks as a shapefile or do you need to download census block shapefiles from the census website? If so does ESRI also provide data in the attribute table for census blocks like it provides data...
    created by 8axterqandrews
  • Post MOOC Going Places with Spatial Analysis

    I am fearless in my mapping approach thanks to the MOOC course I just completed April 9th. The exercises allowed me to use the SHOW TABLE so much that I am able to Add Expression and just jump in without a safety net....
    created by 8axterqandrews