• Looking for advice on service connection lateral digitization techniques.

      Hello, We currently have a feature class for Service Laterals. Also one for the sanitary lines. We are wanting to snap the Service Laterals to our sanitary lines. This is so we can create a geometric network....
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  • COGO-Finding the Chord, Radial or Tangent Direction for a non-tangent curve

    Hello, I am trying to use COGO to create a parcel boundary of a property from a tax map and am having trouble adding a non-tangent curve segment since the tax map does not have the chord direction for the curve. ...
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  • How many parcels can support a building of size X?

    Consider if you will polygon A of a standard unchanging dimension.  For the sake of argument lets call it a simple rectangle 10' x 20' not any irregular shape with hundreds of vertices but not a sq...
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  • CIP Error Message

    Hello All,     I am looking to add some projects. I have everything loaded and installed. I Start editing and create all of the details for my project. From there, I select all of the assets that I would l...
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  • How do you add comments to Crowdsource Reporter?

    I'm having trouble with my layer and table in Crowdsource Reporter. Everything seems to be right, but when I try and submitt a comment I get, "Comment could not be submitted" highlighted in red. I'm not sure if it has...
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  • Putting a short plat inside the parent parcel

    Hi all, I have parent parcels that have been short platted. When I look at the short plat somewhere some one goofed and they don't line up.   I tried Rubber sheeting but connecting all of the vertices was a cho...
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  • Shifting Data Sets all the same

    Hey all, We had control points (surveyed monuments) from a survey done a while ago and we have just re-done a survey of our counties monuments. Is there an easy way to shift all of our data at once or in pieces ...
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  • Data Model and Emergency Management add-ins/Apps and Maps

    Hello...I am somewhat new to local government data model and would like some insight.  If anyone in a City Governemnt (population around 100K) that has used in the past and migrated to the latest model or are jus...
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  • Land Administration

    Hey guys,am trying to create a fresh land administration database and I would be grateful if I can get serious ideas on how to go about it from the very basic stage to the advanced stage.All comments will be really ap...
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  • Hi, can I print a report for each survey we do on the field?

    Is this possible or maybe can we get it on pdf format?
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  • Copy Parcel PINs to Building Footprint Tables en masse?

    Hi, I'm working with real estate data/parcels and building footprint feature classes. Each parcel has it's own PIN. The footprint layer is empty of attribute data. I want to be able to copy the PINs over to a buildin...
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  • Land Measure Compass

    Has anyone found or created a Land Measure Compass that can be used as an overlay while editing the Parcel Fabric
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  • Parcel Editor tool

    I have ArcMap 10.1. I was trying to use the Parcel editor tools with the tutorial. Everything is grayed out. Do I need an extension for this function?
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  • Parcel Editing - getting started

    Just wanted to see if I could tap into the knowledge base of all you folks who work with Parcels on a regular basis.  Our GIS Analyst who has been doing our City parcels for many years in retiring and I've been a...
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  • Replace URL Label with Symbol

    I'm quite a GIS novice, so please feel free to dumb-it-down to me.   I'm trying to create a layer to overlay a property parcel map.  The purpose of this layer is to identify which parcels have a certain do...
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  • DEM Mosaic Issues in 10.2.2

    I have been tasked to mosaic 26 DEM tiles together. In doing so, I have come across an issue where that last 3 DEMs become checkerboard (see attachment) at a scale beyond 1:150,000. Zooming in below 1:150,000 everythi...
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  • Request for contract language from consultants

    I am looking for some general language to incorporate into our Design contracts that require Design consultants such as Architects, Civil Engineers, GeoTech, etc. to provide GIS or spatially referenced CAD drawings wi...
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