• Government Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used for various government themed topics:     Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water & Wastewater Planning Dashboard &#...
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  • Field calculator

    I am trying to use a joined CSV file that contains more than 1400 records to a table. when I tried to use the field calculator to replace the old data with the new data it crashes and closes the ArcGIS 10.5.1. Is ther...
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  • X-Ray for ArcCatalog Excel Failed to Export Error

    I get these errors when trying to Export an XRay report from a geodatabase in ArcCatalog for a particular database.  I have created a report on this database before, and can still create one for other databa...
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  • Citizen Problem Reporter: Won't Load?

    Hello all. I'm starting to look into using Citizen Problem Reporter with Cityworks. I'm trying to configure the app at the moment (I used the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment) but whenever I test pressing on "Submit a Repo...
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  • AutoCad DWG does not place on the map.

    I am working on a project for next generation 911. Our goal is to import school schematics into ArcGIS for the purpose of assigning addresses to the cafeteria,  swimming pool,  offices,  etc. I have obt...
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  • Utility GIS data as inventory for accounting in local government

    Has anyone used their GIS utility data as an inventory for calculating a dollar value in a local government accounting system?  I've just finished converting our utility system (water, sewer, storm) into a GIS fo...
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  • How to combine a complete line segment with a split sections line segment while maintaining attributes from both datasets

    I have 2 sets of street data. One set is divided into small sections (essentially there is a small line every block), this data set is for asset management, IE things like manholes and sewer lines are also given a str...
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  • install mkdocs with arcgis pro

    i'd like to use mkdocs as a doc generation tool. I am wondering how to install it with arcgis and conda managing the python setup.
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  • Matching tied candidate addresses when geocoding

    Hello,   I am currently geocoding a table with over 12,000 rows of addresses. Is there a way to automatically match addresses with tied candidates ? I have over a thousand tied candidates and automatic matc...
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  • Digital Globe (or other) imagery as basemap?

    Does anybody have experience with using Digital Globe imagery as their basemap? I do municipal GIS  and I am considering purchasing an image to use for my community. I've already worked with the vendor to figure ...
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  • I am trying to find the distance of a polyline from its origin to the intersection point with another polyline. The application is measuring the distance from a meteorological station to the coastline every 30 degrees. I created polylines every 30 degrees

    Files from the polygons I would like to intersect are attached.
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  • Looking for advice on service connection lateral digitization techniques.

      Hello, We currently have a feature class for Service Laterals. Also one for the sanitary lines. We are wanting to snap the Service Laterals to our sanitary lines. This is so we can create a geometric network....
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  • Anyone sanitary/storm utiltiies currently using the LGIM?

    We are in the process of vetting out the LGIM against our current GIS schema.  I understand the default, but I would like to see what other utitlies are using for their standards.
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  • xml import, import xml data failed, the table already exists

    How do I import an XML file? 
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  • How many parcels can support a building of size X?

    Consider if you will polygon A of a standard unchanging dimension.  For the sake of argument lets call it a simple rectangle 10' x 20' not any irregular shape with hundreds of vertices but not a sq...
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  • CIP Error Message

    Hello All,     I am looking to add some projects. I have everything loaded and installed. I Start editing and create all of the details for my project. From there, I select all of the assets that I would l...
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  • LGIM data integration: Bike Lanes

    Hello and thank you for any help, advice or guidance on this issue.   Currently, I work as a GIS technician so I feel very comfortable learning and understanding new concepts with GIS, but I am stuck on trying t...
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  • Domains in ArcGIS Online

    I want to set up a layer with pick lists so people can enter info in the field about curb conditions and material from a domain. I have tried this two different ways and neither one does exactly what I need.   1...
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  • Using mobile apps and geospatial data to drive responsible governance

    Is anyone interested in discussing citizens participation in government using mobile applications and geospatial data?Please view www.oneapp.com.ng and lets discuss.
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  • Data Model and Emergency Management add-ins/Apps and Maps

    Hello...I am somewhat new to local government data model and would like some insight.  If anyone in a City Governemnt (population around 100K) that has used in the past and migrated to the latest model or are jus...
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