• Housing built by Year data?

    I am looking for Houses built by Year, at the Census Tract or Block Group level. Does the Census have this data?    More specific, I am looking to find homes built before 1982 in Census Tracts or Block Grou...
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  • labeling/vbscript help

    How do I get my map to do the following: in my TaxParcel layer, I want to only see labels for parcels with a sale date of 01/01/2015 or newer.  I dont want to create a newer layer but I want the TaxParcel layer t...
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  • How many parcels can support a building of size X?

    Consider if you will polygon A of a standard unchanging dimension.  For the sake of argument lets call it a simple rectangle 10' x 20' not any irregular shape with hundreds of vertices but not a sq...
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  • How do you add comments to Crowdsource Reporter?

    I'm having trouble with my layer and table in Crowdsource Reporter. Everything seems to be right, but when I try and submitt a comment I get, "Comment could not be submitted" highlighted in red. I'm not sure if it has...
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  • Data Model and Emergency Management add-ins/Apps and Maps

    Hello...I am somewhat new to local government data model and would like some insight.  If anyone in a City Governemnt (population around 100K) that has used in the past and migrated to the latest model or are jus...
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  • how to renew 60 days trial basic license arcgis 10.2

    My Arcgis free trial license already expired. How can I renew again the free trial 60 days?
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  • Hide or disable submit button

    We would like to hide or disable the submit button till after a survey has been completely filled out. Is there a way to do that?Thank you.
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  • Traffic flow representation

    I recently received an interesting request and I'd like to know what solutions the community might suggest. I should probably also state that I couldn't come up with a workable solution which annoys me hence this post...
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  • Copy Parcel PINs to Building Footprint Tables en masse?

    Hi, I'm working with real estate data/parcels and building footprint feature classes. Each parcel has it's own PIN. The footprint layer is empty of attribute data. I want to be able to copy the PINs over to a buildin...
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  • NYS Broadband

    How are people using the broadband data provided by the NYS Broadband Office to break down the data for your local areas.  Any examples you would like to share?
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  • LGM : (How do I) Add A New Apartment Complex

    I'm looking for the tables used in placing a new Apartment into the Local Government Model.   I believe they are as follows: Address AddressEntrancePoint To show all entrance locations to the property such as m...
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  • The Mapping Revolution GIS Guide - GovLoop

    GovLoop.com provided this useful guide for those already using GIS in their government position or for those interested in how GIS is being applied within the different branches and offices of government.
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  • Request for contract language from consultants

    I am looking for some general language to incorporate into our Design contracts that require Design consultants such as Architects, Civil Engineers, GeoTech, etc. to provide GIS or spatially referenced CAD drawings wi...
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