• Government Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used for various government themed topics:     Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water & Wastewater Planning Dashboard &#...
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  • Enter the StoryMapper of the Year Contest

    Have you heard about the StoryMapper of the Year contest?   And have you ever wanted The Geographer of Nat Geo or a National Book Award winner to view your story map?   Today we have a new blog post from A...
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  • X-Ray for ArcCatalog Excel Failed to Export Error

    I get these errors when trying to Export an XRay report from a geodatabase in ArcCatalog for a particular database.  I have created a report on this database before, and can still create one for other databa...
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  • What Three Words - Global Addressing System

    I saw a tweet today about immigration offices in Thailand having three word addresses and was directed to this site - www.what3words.com.   I watched the video and checked out the map.  It is an intriguing ...
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  • How do I assign a location that is not an address or set of coordinates?

    Hi all,   Noob here. I have precinct level election data stored as an excel workbook and my precinct shapefiles already represented on my map. The precinct shapefiles and the election data both have a "Precinct"...
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  • LandUseViolations

    Where can I download the datamodelfeature dataset, with domains, etc. for the LandUseViolations Code Violations application. I'm new to ArcGIS Pro (user of ArcMAP for decades). When I tried the Pro deployment too...
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  • FYI: Esri Maps for Public Policy

    Esri recently launched the Esri Maps for Public Policy site at the National League of Cities Summit to help leaders make more data-driven policy decisions. The site gives access to policy maps for elected officials, s...
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  • Utility GIS data as inventory for accounting in local government

    Has anyone used their GIS utility data as an inventory for calculating a dollar value in a local government accounting system?  I've just finished converting our utility system (water, sewer, storm) into a GIS fo...
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  • Transportation Applications: How to get to and from work without a car and help reduce traffic

    I work for a local government agency and one of the ideas I am looking into is creating an app that would help reduce the traffic in my area and help people get to work. I live in a densely populated county with ...
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  • Hi Guys: Is there a reporting widget for ArcGIS WebApp Builder?

    Hi Guys: Is there a reporting widget for ArcGIS WebApp Builder?
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  • install mkdocs with arcgis pro

    i'd like to use mkdocs as a doc generation tool. I am wondering how to install it with arcgis and conda managing the python setup.
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  • Fixed Extent Data Driven Pages

    Hi - I am attempting to use data driven pages for something I suspect it cannot do, but thought I'd throw it out there anyway.    I have a neighborhood polygon with several parcels inside the polygon. The n...
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  • How do I import Cityworks data into ArcMap?

    I want to merge work order data from Cityworks into another layer, but I can't figure out how to bring the data into ArcMap. Cityworks does allow you to view the data on a map, but I need to be able geoprocess. Is the...
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  • Data Driven Pages

    I am creating data driven pages based off of a polygon layer.  When I go and try to export these maps as a pdf it moves my polygon and cuts it off of the map or it is not placed on the map where I had d...
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  • Digital Globe (or other) imagery as basemap?

    Does anybody have experience with using Digital Globe imagery as their basemap? I do municipal GIS  and I am considering purchasing an image to use for my community. I've already worked with the vendor to figure ...
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  • Esri Public Sector GIS Conference is coming to Philadelphia!

    The Esri Public Sector GIS Conference is coming to Philadelphia, December 5-7, 2017. The purpose of this event is to bring together state and local government GIS professionals to discuss GIS best practices, share ide...
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  • Housing built by Year data?

    I am looking for Houses built by Year, at the Census Tract or Block Group level. Does the Census have this data?    More specific, I am looking to find homes built before 1982 in Census Tracts or Block Grou...
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  • labeling/vbscript help

    How do I get my map to do the following: in my TaxParcel layer, I want to only see labels for parcels with a sale date of 01/01/2015 or newer.  I dont want to create a newer layer but I want the TaxParcel layer t...
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  • How many parcels can support a building of size X?

    Consider if you will polygon A of a standard unchanging dimension.  For the sake of argument lets call it a simple rectangle 10' x 20' not any irregular shape with hundreds of vertices but not a sq...
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  • How do you add comments to Crowdsource Reporter?

    I'm having trouble with my layer and table in Crowdsource Reporter. Everything seems to be right, but when I try and submitt a comment I get, "Comment could not be submitted" highlighted in red. I'm not sure if it has...
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