• WAB: attribute table not loading

    Hello everyone,   Recently, I have been having issues in my WAB-based web application when trying to view the attribute table of any layer in it, no matter whether that data is pulled from AGOL or from a local s...
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  • Query widget popup with arcade expression issue

    I have configured a popup in my webmap with a series of arcade expressions. When I click a feature from in my application the popup displays the values as they should. The issue I'm having is when I click a result fea...
    created by owenmt8656
  • Change the theme color on the fly pragmatically in WAB

    Hi,   I want to change the theme color pragmatically on load for foldable theme of WAB.    How can it be done?   Regards.
    created by shaikhrizuan
  • Web App builder - Print widget error message

    Having problems with the Print Widget.  I am using WebApp Builder in an Enterprise environment, the app i have created has the Print widget added but I keep getting an error when ever I try to print. I am using ...
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  • Duplicate Oblique Viewer in Web AppBuilder

    I need to configure 2 instances of the Oblique Viewer with our custom Web AppBuilder app -- 1 to display images from one year/service, and the other to hit another year/service. I have successfully cloned the Oblique...
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  • ArcGIS Web App Builder - IIS

    Dear Fellows,   I have downloaded the arcgis web app builder and able to  configured properly by using arcgis developer account. Now, everytime i have to execute startup.bat file to load my application. I w...
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  • Coordinate search issue with Search Widget Portal 10.8.1

    I recently upgraded to Portal 10.8.1 from 10.6.1. In 10.6.1, when I would input decimal degrees into the Search Widget of WAB, the popup would return the full coordinate that I entered and suggest an alternate coordin...
    created by jaybo684
  • Attachment Viewer Template not available

    In the Attachment Viewer item https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=3ce375a56ed145bfa5e2214e2ad8983d  it says you should be able to start a new web app by choosing the Attachment Viewer Template, but I do...
    created by jakethepainter
  • Can you use the Smart Editor widget to require time AND date field be filled?

    Can you use the Smart Editor widget to require time AND date field be filled?  I have a web app where the Date field is Date and Time, but when set to be required it only requires the Date be filled while default...
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  • How to use url parameters in Query widget

    I am trying to use URL parameters to execute a search with the Query widget, but am having trouble getting the widget to see the url correctly. when I try and use the built in 'query' parameter, no matter what id I us...
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  • Configuration of Esri Proxy

    We have recently configured the Esri proxy using Java. It is running smoothly for a few hours after that the application is throwing error (failed to load resource: server responded with 404 status).   Please fi...
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  • Reset Group Filter Widget

    Hi,   I am working with Group Filter Widget and I dont know if I understand it correct.   Once I have implementet the question I cant "undo it"? I thought the Reset button is supose do do just that, b...
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  • Is there any way to enable panning while using the Public Notification Widget?

    Is there any way to enable panning while using the Public Notification Widget? Right now, once the widget is in use, only the select tool is active. I can't even pan the map via the center mouse wheel, or right/left b...
    created by dlcgis2
  • WebAppBuilder: Missing Option to get coordinates

    ArcGIS WebAppBuilder has a useful functionality in the map view to get the coordinates from the map by clicking on it (See Attached) But this functionality is missing in the iPad/Tablet! Is this a bug in the respons...
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  • Search widget not creating zoom-to or popup on search results?

    Good Morning GeoNet-   I'm finishing up a web app that has been created in Web Appbuilder to be used internally by a few of our admin staff in the County Assessor Office. Obviously one of the important necessit...
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  • Group Layers Support

    I am interested in the new Group Layers that were recently introduced at the UC.  I heard that you can create them in web maps in AGOL using the new Map Viewer Beta.  Can you create these in Portal for ...
  • Overwriting Layers

    Hello All,   I am asking for some help with the overwrite feature in ArcMap. I have a Web Mapping Application in AGOL which pulls data from a created Web Map. In said Web Map I have uploaded feature layers from ...
    created by bnein_Chesco
  • Change location of a widget within a theme?

    Hello,   I am looking for the location of the .json or .css (or whatever the file is) to change the location of a custom widget with the Dart Theme? I do not like the location and want it UNDER the 'Search' widg...
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  • AGOL edit widget intermittently fails to save new features

    Hello,    I am trying to use the out of the box edit widget to create or edit features in an ArcGIS Online web app. Intermittently when creating new features the data isn't being committed to the datab...
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  • Is it possible to ‘select by selection’ using the Query widget?

    Is there a way to configure the app to allow ‘select by selection’? Say I want to use a feature from layer A select the respective features from layer B, is there a way to do this with the Query widget?
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