• Icons for WAB

    I wanted to share some websites I've found helpful in getting icons for WebApp Builder widgets and the loading screen.  Feel free to share other sites you use.   Font Awesome to PNG - Create a .png version ...
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  • Upgrade Web Appbuilder-Dev

    The documentation on this page has been and is incorrect and mis-leading. (Upgrade apps—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for Developers ) When the downloaded file is extracted, the new...
    created by lchristo
  • Query Widget works while in Dev mode but not in the app

    We have a Query widget that keeps breaking.  It works fine in WAB (AGOL one) when in dev mode.  But in the actual app it will work the first time then the Apply button just stops doing anything.  It sti...
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  • ArcGIS Experience Builder Beta Available Now

    Get started with Experience Builder by trying the beta today. We've been working hard on this product and your feedback will help us shape the final version of this product.    Details here: https://ww...
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  • Web App Builder Basemap Bug

    Hi I'm having an issue where the scale visiblity settings on layers within a basemap are being ignored after the basemap has been switched in the web app builder.   I have a custom basemap which contains thr...
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  • Mobile First theme

    When I use WAB, I find its themes are very good for working on desktop or tablet screens, but they are not the best themes for the smartphone screens, although they can to some extent adapt to the small screens due th...
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  • Map navigation on Google Pixel 2

    I recently got a Google Pixel 2. Since doing so, I have been unable to pinch to zoom or pan any maps that have been made with Web AppBuilder. I tried several maps from the  Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS - Live Sites ...
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  • Portal 10.5 app editing attribute of existing data

    Hi,   I'm getting odd behaviour using the edit and/or smart editor widgets. The popup or smart editor window don't display some existing attributes. It displays ! for some attributes. Could be required...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • Select Widget Issue

    I am using WebAppBuilder Dev 2.11 to build my app. When using the select tool I notice it does not accurately select points from my dynamic map service. My service contains hunderds of thousands of points across the U...
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  • Web app won't open

    Hi It seems I cannot access the web app I've been working on. It was working just fine for me last week, but when I tried to view and edit it this morning it gave me this error message: "Item does not exist or is ina...
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  • Refreshing query widget results

    Dear all, I’ve trying to modify the Query widget to allow it to refresh automatically and I haven't suceed.   I’ve defined a refresh time of 0.5 minutes, so other WAB widgets (such as Infosummary) r...
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  • 3D Scene Transparency

    Is there a way to toggle the transparency/opacity of a 3D Scene Layer within Web Appbuilder? This functionality exists in the 2D WAB world - just wondering if there are plans to incorporate in the 3D Layer List Widget...
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  • Print Widget in WebAppBuilder

    Hi,   I have print widget (out-of-box) in my application. When I click print button its working for  BaseMap and operational layer (published as a mapservice) and its exported as PDF format.    T...
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  • Web AppBuilder and Git

    What's the best practice for running WAB dev ed with Git for development purposes? I am running an app on localhost and am encountering odd issues with my Git repo being deleted.    ...
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  • MY Location Widget and Address

    Hello, Does anyone have a solution using a mobile GPS location and an Address Locator? Simple put..... The "My Location" widget shows the graphic location of where you are, now show me the x & y coor...
    created by RichBell
  • WAB 2.7 Public Notification Widget

    Although it is great to see this Public Notification widget in WAB 2.7, I was wondering why it is when I use the selection tools (point, straight line, polyline, polygon, freehand polygon) to select a group of parcels...
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  • District look up widget error

    i was wondering if any one could help me out. I created a school locator app and when I search for designated school I get results but when I expand the information tab of the result I get an error message “ the...
    created by Adaagu
  • IdentityManager Sign In Dialog broken on Safari

    Our users are complaining that on their iOS devices (iPhones primarily), the sign in dialog layout is broken after a user uses the pinch to zoom gesture to zoom in.  I've tested different themes using both the de...
    created by jebu23
  • Geoprocessing results coming on wrong place

    Hello, İ have created a geoprocessing service for tracing geometric network on the web appbuilder. I have already adjust output cordinate system same with my data. When i use geoprocessing service in Arcmap, results ...
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  • Web App not showing layers in ArcGIS in Microsoft Edge

    Whenever I use the share widget, Microsoft Edge will not show the layers to my app. Here is an example of what I get (picture). Here is the sharing url https://arcg.is/1GreGm   This is only a problem in Edge an...
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