• Cannot pass value to popup through Arcade

    Hey everyone,   I am trying to create an attribute expression to auto-populate a field in collector based on another features location to the point placed. I have a dataset of OH Electric Circuits and a feature ...
  • Implementing Web AppBuilder in ASP.NET Core 3.1

    I want to implement web app builder in ASP.NET Core 3.1. Is there any step by step approach to refer and implement?
    created by SundharT
  • Cannot print. Very frustrating problem.

    Hi, I'm trying to use the print widget but it fails with the error message failed to create layer from service at http....../..../.../....etc. doesn;'t matter the page size or format, it always fails. I'm using webAp...
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  • In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Online, I'm trying to insert an image in the splash screen. When I click the button nothing happens. Help?

    Hi all!   I've resorted to clicking the Insert Image button repeatedly, but nothing happens. I'm wondering if there might be some setting that I'm missing? There's already an image in the splash screen, and I wa...
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  • History Table - Edits Pop Up (Web App Builder)

    The company I work for is migrating from Geocortex to a ESRI Web App to facilitate the creation and updating of point feature layers.  The Geocortex interface we had been using has for each point feature a histor...
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  • Data Grid - Tab Interaction with Filter Widget

    Hello,   Any feedback or possible solutions of what and where to code in widget(s) would be great!   1.) Data Grid: Default look currently displays all tabs that are in filter list. Desire is to only show ...
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  • Web Appbuilder Filter widget & Attribute Table - no fields except objectid

    Hi,   When trying to use the Filter widget in combination with the Attribute Table widget, there seems to be a bug in that if a custom filter is applied with the Filter widget, no fields (except objectid) appear...
    created by joerogan
  • Situational Awareness Report

    Hello everyone, I am a new member in Esri community. I have a question about the Situational Awareness report. I see that you can draw points and then obtain a report. What if i want more than one point to select and ...
    created by MiMitchell_SBAC
  • Unable to see full layer list when selecting/unselecting layers for Layer List Widget

    I am running into an issue adding new layers to a web app.  I added a few new layers to my map but when to go edit them in the Web App.  When I use the Layer List widget it only lists the new layers that I c...
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  • Custom PrintService in ArcGIS WebApp Builder throws error when used in PrintWidget

    I have a WebApp application I am creating with the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition. In ArcMap, I created a custom print service like described here (https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/create-web-apps/wind...
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  • summarize by polygon in ArcGIS Online webapp

    I would like to add a widget to my Web App Builder based AGOL app, which can return a summary of points within a polygon from another layer.  Can this be done?   I dont want anything that has prebuilt summa...
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  • Looking for companies to bring in real-time flooding info into WAZE.

    Urban Mobility Resilience ChallengeWe're offering up to $500,000 to create a next generation traffic app that offers drivers real-time flooding and re-routing information.     Join us for an online discussio...
    created by riseresilience
  • WAB 3D, Local Scenes and subsurface data

    I don't know what happened but a month ago i made a local scene in ArcGIS pro and Publish it in ArcGIS Online (a simple one 3 layers and 1 multipatch) with subsurface data (underground project). When i started Scene ...
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  • WebApp Builder 2.3 - Restrict feature action options

    Is there a way to restrict the feature action options in WebApp builder?   WebApp Builder 2.3 enables widgets to cross-interact with each other using feature actions.  For example - the default pop-up  ...
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  • Related Records in Attribute Table Portal 10.6.1

    I am using WAB 2.8 on Portal 10.6.1. Related records do not show up in the Attribute Table widget. This is I believe related to an ArcGIS Online bug 'bug-000114004', which was fixed for ArcGIS Online, but apparently n...
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  • Web AppBuilder - Bookmarks

    What workflows are people using to preserve bookmarks when clearing browser cache? It seems like persistent user-created bookmarks are the holy grail. 
    created by gkhorch
  • Any thought of adding interactive legend as a widget?

    I love the new configurable template with the interactive legend.  This is functionality we've been asking for for a long time.  Any chance this will appear in WAB any time soon?
    created by schlot
  • Source control of WebAppBuilder Apps

    Hi, I have looked into generator-esri-appbuilder-js and this works great for custom widgets and themes. With the grunt file I would be able to keep my development environment up to date. But there is one approac...
  • FYI: Setting up a proxy with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition)

    In case you did not see this, a great blog post by Marla Kostuk and Akshay Harshe,   Setting up a proxy with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition)   Hope this helps,
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  • ArcGIS Experience Builder

    Have you heard about ArcGIS Experience Builder? It was first previewed at the 2019 Esri Developer Summit (see more details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9o1e5eGX_A). If you love Web AppBuilder, you'll love th...
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