Esri Technical Article: Addressing BUG-000092815 with Story Map Series and Journal

Blog Post created by ASivasailam-esristaff Employee on Aug 27, 2019

Until the ArcGIS Online June update, Esri Story map templates, such as Map Series and Journal, were unable to load an application that is embedded as an iframe and shared with a group to a member from a different organization than the one that the application was created in. This has now been resolved and users can now take advantage of this by using the new security policy in ArcGIS Online that allows you to share your content to groups with members of other organization securely. 


The instructions to get this working are documented here: Problem: Classic Esri story map templates are unable to load embedded applications shared to a group and then accessed b…  


Please leave comments if you have any questions about this workflow and we'll be happy to help.