ArcGIS Blog: Story Maps and the Digital Humanities

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Aug 13, 2018

Allen Carroll, who founded and manages the Story Maps initiative at Esri, writes:


It’s been hugely exciting to observe an increase in recent months in the number and quality of story maps that have to do with the digital humanities. Our gallery is rife with examples, a few of which I’m proud to highlight below. 


A logical first step in blogging about this happy trend is to define the phenomenon we’re investigating.


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> Story Maps and the Digital Humanities




Note from Rupert Essinger:

Have you made a Story Map in the field of the humanities that is shared publicly? Feel free to post a link to it as a comment on this Geonet entry. We're very interested to see what sort of work is being done, and may choose your story to be included in the Story Maps Gallery we curate to help inspire other storytellers.