ArcGIS Blog: Tall panels in Story Map Cascade

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Jun 27, 2018

Owen Evans writes:


The June 2018 update to Story Map Cascade has brought a new storytelling feature that will improve your stories.


Previously there was a maximum height imposed on narrative panels. So if you added a lot of content to a panel, the max height prevented readers (and authors) from seeing all the content without having to scroll inside the panel. We were never thrilled with this experience but are happy to report that now—no matter how much content you add to a panel—it will stretch to ensure all the content is visible (without having to scroll inside the panel).


Now you can combine several images and/or videos with text in a single panel if you have a lot to say in one immersive view. Readers can simply advance through the story as they normally would and they’ll see all the panel content as they scroll


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> Tall panels in Story Map Cascade