ArcGIS Blog: New accessibility features in Story Map Journal

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Dec 7, 2017

ArcGIS Online was updated last night. > See the separate What's New in ArcGIS Online (December 2017) blog post.


Owen Evans on the Story Maps team writes...


The main enhancements made to Story Maps in the December 2017 release are improvements to the Story Map Journal app template to improve accessibility (also know in the US as Section 508). These enhancements to Map Journal include alternate text, better keyboard navigation, and improved structuring for screen reader support for the visually impaired. Read on to learn more about these new features and how to use them to ensure your Story Map Journals are accessible.


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> New accessibility features in Story Map Journal




Alt text can be added to a new story as you author it, or it can be added to stories you’ve already published. Just add a concise description of the media to the Alternative Text box when you are adding or editing it in the Map Journal builder.