ArcGIS Blog: Producing the “Big Dams” Story Map

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Aug 10, 2017

Allen Carroll, Esri Story Maps Program Manager, writes:


Last week the Esri story maps team published Big Dams: Boon or Bane? featuring a gallery of the world’s largest dams. Although our team’s main role is to create and update Story Map apps for the benefit of our growing user community, we like to publish our own stories, for several reasons:

• To experiment with new functions and user experiences

• To provide storytelling examples and inspiration to our users

• To collaborate with organizations, especially non-profits, to help them get in the habit of producing story maps


In the case of Big Dams, I wanted to feature Esri’s imagery basemap, and to publish a story without any customization. We’ve found that imagery-based stories are almost always popular—lots of people, myself included, love to look at the Earth from above. I considered using the Story Map Cascade app, but decided on Story Map Journal because of its versatility; I also wanted to use “story actions” here and there to emphasize specific locations.


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