ArcGIS Blog: What's New in Story Maps (March 2017)

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Mar 2, 2017

ArcGIS Online has been updated, which includes enhancements to Story Maps!


Check out what's new in Story Maps as part of last night's ArcGIS Online update. Story Map Cascade is out of beta and has beautiful new image galleries, there's support for the new ArcGIS Online organizational shared theme, better support for searching for locations on maps included in story maps, Story Map Shortlist now supports image upload and a new authoring workflow for GIS pros, and Cascade, Shortlist and Crowdsource are now available in all supported languages. 


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> What’s New in Story Maps (March 2017)



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> What’s New in ArcGIS Online (March 2017)




The new image gallery in Story Map Cascade makes lets you present multiple pictures beautifully: