ArcGIS Blog: What's New in Story Maps (Dec 2016)

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Dec 15, 2016

ArcGIS Online has been updated, which includes enhancements to Story Maps!


Story Map Journal and Story Map Series now support dragging and dropping local images from your computer directly into your stories as you author them. This feature has been available in Story Map Cascade and Story Map Tour for some time. This is the recommended and easiest way to add images. Uploaded images are automatically optimized to give the best performance. Access permissions for uploaded images are handled automatically, which means you no longer have to make images publicly available on the web to use them in stories that are meant to be shared only with a group or your organization. The ability to drag and drop images into Story Map Journal, Map Series and Cascade is supported at all account levels. 


Look for the Upload button when you add an image to a Story Map Journal or Story Map Series. You can browse to an image on disk, or drag and drop:


Story Map Cascade (beta) now reports issues with your story, such as maps that are not shared properly. Errors and warnings appear inline in your story, along with suggested fixes, in the built-in 'Health Report'.


Cascade's new Health Report automatically checks your story for issues:





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