ArcGIS Blog: Using a Story Map Series instead of PowerPoint

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Jun 1, 2016

Bernie Szukalski writes:


PowerPoint is the standard when it comes to presentations. But if you have to switch back and forth between PowerPoint and live demos, media, or websites, it can be inconvenient and clumsy, not to mention visually jarring and disruptive for your audience. Switching out from PowerPoint typically means exiting PowerPoint, or using Alt+tab or Command+tab to switch back and forth between slides and other content you want to show.


While any Story Map can be used to deliver a presentation, some are better suited to the task than others. My preference is the Story Map Series, specifically the bulleted or tabbed layout, since those provide sequential access moving from left to right, and advance on a click, rather than a scroll (like Story Map Cascade). Map Series bulleted and tabbed layouts also do not require using a side panel for additional text or media—something not needed for most presentations.


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> Using a Story Map Series instead of PowerPoint