ArcGIS Blog: Using Story Actions in the Story Map Journal app template

Blog Post created by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Jun 1, 2016

Take advantage of 'story actions' when you author a Story Map Journal. By defining story actions in the narrative text accompanying each section in your Map Journal, you can, for example, enable your readers to click on the name of a place in your text and make the map automatically zoom to that place and display a popup. There's a wide range of actions you can choose from, including map zoom/pan, turning layers on or off in the map, displaying a different map, displaying an image, jumping to a different section in the Journal etc.


Read the blog post...


> Using Story Map Journal Story Actions



This additional blog post describes how to use story actions to add links into your Journal text that jump to other sections. For example you could make a table of contents for your Journal this way...


> Adding links to sections in Story Map Journal



Story actions appear as text links to your readers by default. But you can also use graphical buttons for your story actions. See this blog post for how...


> Create Buttons for Story Actions in Map Journal



When you your users click a Story Action that changes the main stage in the Map Journal, a Back button lets them return the main stage to its previous state. You can customize Map Journal to change the default location of the Back button, or change its appearance:


> Move or Style the Story Action <BACK button in Map Journal