• Cannot read property 'portalUrl' of undefined

    Hi there,   We have an application developed in version 1.4 of Web AppBuilder for Developer. The application includes a number of custom created widgets.    We are now trying to alter the source of th...
    created by psf_salishsea
  • 'LIKE' function in Arcade

    I am looking for a solution that replicates the 'LIKE' function in SQL statements.    for example IIF($feature.name LIKE 'target text', "", $feature.name)   if the target text is found in the feature...
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  • Secure WMS services

    Hello Community!   We have the following setup:   Users > IIS (Webadaptor) > WebGIS (WebOffice) > ArcGIS Server (10.3.1) services   Everything runs fine this way. Some users use ArcMap to ma...
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  • Collector for ArcGIS: Location Tracking

    Hi,   I added a location tracking service to my Portal for ArcGIS via following template: https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=051146f34aec4ef8ac228b5e6b2b8eac   I succesfully enabled Location Trackin...
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  • Open/Create Meeting Request in Outlook

    I have a feature service with the conference rooms for our building. I have created an application with web appbuilder with this feature service. The users are able to search the conference rooms by name or other attr...
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  • Collector download failing when applying filter to the web map on 'created_date' field. Please help.

    Error: Table not registered [main.AerialDetection]. Underlying DBMS error [[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.] [Forestry.SDE...
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  • Problem with html display inline attributes with arcade expression in a popup

    I have set up a rather lengthy popup configuration in a Web Map, ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, that uses html display inline attributes with an arcade expression, as described in this forum link as well as others. It...
    created by jfaron44
  • webmap keeps loading

    Hi everyone,  I got a strange issue on ArcGis online webmaps. I created a webapp with the Comparison template. I have the maps of two different cities side by side and they're displayed correctly, but it always...
  • Improving low quality Basemap?

    When using ArcGis Pro, when using the imagery Basemap the quality is very low. Location is Cortland, Ohio 44410 USA. Is there a way to improve this quality? Intent is to be used in layout for print as Architectural D ...
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  • ArcGIS LDAP Configuration Errors

    So, I needed to switch from Windows authentication to LDAP authentication, and our company has set up its own certificate authority trusted root certificates, and I've found the LDAP setup documentation doesn't cover ...
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  • Symbols with more than two layers doesn't show correctly in feature service

    I am using ArcMap 10.3.1. I have published some polygons as a feature service to ArcGIS Online. The problem is that the symbol of some polygons doesn't show correctly.   After a brief inspection, I found th...
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  • Webapp Popups not fully displaying.

    I have a webmap embedded as an iframe in a webpage. I'm having an issue where the popup's won't display fully, it just shows the title and and arrow to expand the popup (which displays the entire popup at full screen)...
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  • Get URLs to Images

    Is there anyway I can write a python script that would get all the URLs of images that I uploaded and put them into a excel sheet?   I uploaded 2000 pictures and want to fill them up in attribute tables to make ...
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  • Add a raster image to a webmap from a link in a boundary polygon

    Hi All,   I am looking to see if there is a way where you can add a single georeferenced raster image to a webmap from a link in a polygon boundary file popup.   For instance I have a series of historical ...
    created by Ross_Havery
  • Performing "Connect Origins to Destinations for many to many" analysis in GIS online?

    Hi ,   I have 500 origins and 650 destinations. I would like to create an OD matrix for my data in GIS online. I just noticed that " Connect Origin to Destination" function in GIS online provides just two options...
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  • Switch side's of side car in storymaps next gen?

    I'm wanting to know how to switch the way the sidecar displays or the small photo in the next gen story maps. So it's like this instead of the standard - this is an ESRI example so I know it can be done   And th...
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  • Eneterprise 10.7.1 Publish Service error: Access to this resource is not allowed

    I'm trying to publish a vector tile package as a hosted layer in Enterprise 10.7.1.   The tile package was created using ArcGIS Pro 2.4 and uploaded successfully to Enterprise, however, when publishing I get...
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  • How to define Date/Time’s format in the Label with ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x

    Hi,   In the JavaScript 3.x, the LabelClass class has a properties called fieldInfos, and within the fieldInfos object, I can specified how Time field is displayed in the label by setting format properties to &l...
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  • Displaying dot density layers in AGOL

    Does anyone have any tips on how to display a dot density layer in AGOL? I created the layer in Desktop, but it's looking like it can only be hosted as a map service rather than a feature service. This means it is bec...
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  • Using Arcade Expression to change font size based on if statment

    I will confess that the most arcade I have ever used has been extremely simple. I currently have written a VBScript in ArcMap that will increase the font size and make it bold based on an if statement. I have tried se...
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